XE300 CSG Router - Verizon 5G Sim | Not showing in GC Admin Portal

We have been setting these routers up as Tertiary Internet at our various sites. One of these routers was not showing up in the portal, was not broadcasting in SSID, and could not connect even via hardwire into LAN port.

We had our Verizon Rep ship us a New Sim Card and rebooted, this gave us a broadcasting SSID and we could Hardwire and connect via the local admin portal @

Checking the application settings everything was toggled on as expected. Remote Access, Remote Web, and Good Cloud.
Finally the page with Device ID was saying “To Bind…” Yet that MAC shows up in our Good Cloud but as DEACTIVATED.
We tried adding it our selves manually, as well as having the folks from CSG Support try to add that MAC back to our Group to no success.

Here are some screen shots of the device in question:

The device is “DEACTIVATED” if it has never been connected to the cloud server. To rule out network issues, start by using traceroute to connect to the server via the router.

According to the last picture, are there four abnormal devices?

Yes we have 4 total Abnormal, and 24 Working routers. All XE300 Model CSG Routers with Verizon 5G Sim Cards

Also I am running Diagnostics on the problem router here are some screen shots from each test:

← The Tracert test
← NSlookup test
← Ping Test

Also to add, this is form the Cloud Operation Logs on the Remote Access Tab under “View Logs”