XE300, EC25-AFFA, Simple Mobile

I have a new Simple Mobile SIM card which was activated in the store by the tech. It has the $50 unlimited plan.

I have an XE300 router with an EC25-AFFA LTE module. I reset it to factory settings and it booted up. The module is configured to use /dev/cdc-wdm0. The SIM is recognized as T-mobile, the status indicator is green, it says 4G and I have two bars. The APN is fast.t-mobile.com. I am able to send and receive messages with the network, such as with 611611 for configuration information.

When I navigate to other pages, such as Upgrade, at the top of the page it says “No Internet Connection! Find new neworks to reconnect.”

It is unable to check for updates and times out. I have a laptop connected via ethernet to the router, and it is also unable to reach the internet.

When I go to Manual Setup, and use the AT command shortcuts, everything returns data, ready, and ok, except Check CA Information, which returns ERROR.

Simple mobile suggests ‘simple’ for the APN, so I set it to that and reset the modem.

Same problems as with fast.t-mobile.com. Cannot check for updates, and the pink banner stating no internet connection.

Any suggestions?

Can you use manual sett up and use ttyUSB3 as device?

Also to to set ttl to 65

When I try to set it to ttyUSB3 it says ‘device busy’ and sets it back to cdc-wdm0. However, it will accept changing it to USB1, USB2, or USB4.
Edit: However, none of those go green. They remain yellow.
Edit2: Attempting the most recent snapshot, openwrt-xe300-3.201-0403.img.
Edit3: I think it’s bricked now. The power LED stays lit, but LAN, Wifi, and 3g/4g flash green every 15 seconds or so. The admin page cannot be reached.
Edit4: Attempted a reset with the reset button. The wifi LED lit up and remained lit. Unable to connect over ethernet. Power cycled the device. It is once again quickly flashing the LEDs every 15 seconds or so. Still unable to connect over ethernet.
Edit 5: Successfully unbricked/debricked to 3.2 by following the docs.
So, back to where I started. I try to set the device to /dev/ttyUSB3, but it says ‘device busy’.

Where to go from here?

Edit6: Firmware upgraded via Uboot to 3.201-0402. The device was set to ttyUSB4 by default. Cannot set it to USB3, device busy.
Still cannot reach internet from the router to check for updates.

I just noticed the router thinks today is Sun Mar 21. Could that be interfering?
Edit: I connected it to wifi, installed luci, and synced with an NTP server. When I disconnected from wifi, I was still unable to reach the internet from the router over the T-mobile connection.

From luci I was able to set the device to ttyUSB3. However, in the GL admin panel, it now says the SIM card is not registered.

I rebooted the device. Now luci says it’s on ttyUSB3, and the admin panel says it’s on ttyUSB4, and that the SIM card is not registered.

Via luci I set it to USB4 again. The admin panel shows green. Using the network diagnostics in luci, nslookup works, but ping and traceroute fail.

Is UMTS/GPRS/EV-DO the correct protocol?

Data problem resolved!

I got a new SIM and activated it myself, and it works. It’s using the APN simple and TTY is 65. However, I am unable to receive text messages when I send them to 611611, such as for APN and USAGE.
Any suggestions?

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Sending sms may not be successful. This may be related to the carrier.

ttyUSB2 and ttyUSB3 can be used for data. But other ttyUSB cannot be used for data.