XE300 wifi not working under 4.6.x snapshots

I am working on a translation but this is the second GL.iNet device which has problems with wifi. It is pretty confusing. Hard to test my work if I cannot even connect to the device.

So I tested the stable version. It is working. But the recent snapshots are not working. Also the links are incorrect and old on the download page but I figured out that the .img are uploaded and did the failsafe installations. 0312 and 0311 build are clearly affected. The OS shows that the wifi is active. But in reality it is not. Even the LED does not active. Did many retests. This is clearly a software related issue.

Update: Now the links are correct. But 0313 build also buggy.

Snapshot 0315 and still buggy. I’m a very patient person but the support is a joke. Not even a single reply…

@staff please review.

Snapshots are known for being totally unstable.
Please don’t use snapshots.

And if you do anyway: Never keep settings.

Understood. This is the first time I find something seriously broken in snapshot builds. But what is the point of the snapshots then? Do you use for any testing or development?

There are generated automatically, see Daily build - Wikipedia

Of course I know the terms. But in general it can be used for testing also. And it is easier for me if I can test my translation with a more recent version. Are there any public ETA for next stable build?