Need help on setting up an L2TP tunnel.

Goal: I would like MT3000N to be an L2TP client of my private L2TP server, and I want all traffic to pass through my L2TP server.

How do I specify the following in xl2tpd.conf ?:

IP =
preshared key = abcdefghijklmnop
allow PAP = enabled
autodial = enabled
username = generalzod
password = kneel_before_zod

and I would like xl2tpd to run and connect automatically.

Would like to help. But have no hand experience on this.

Ok, great. Do you have any suggestions on how to get started?

Please follow this guide

This is the opposite of what I need.

As stated eariler, I would like the AC1200 box to act as an L2TP client, analogous to WireGuard client or OpenVPN client, which I already have configured.

The GL-inet webUI does not currently support configuring an L2TP client, but I’m certain it can be done in openWRT in the UI or via SSH at the command shell.

As an example, here is the Windows implementation of a GUI configuration for LT2P client:

I can easily configure my Windows machine as an L2TP VPN client and I would like to do the same with the AC1200 box.


How about this package.

Looks promising, but is not currently offered as a plugin.

Although the Softether server supports several VPN protocols, the client only supports Softether VPN protocol. See https://www.softether.org

ah, oh. so that idea is off the table.
Back to my OP – do you know how to configure XL2TPd as an L2TP client?

Sorry no. I don’t use the L2TP protocol.