"Your SIM card is not detected" but it's actually connected

I’m using a GL-MT3000 and a Huawei E3276 USB modem, before clicking “Auto Setup” carrier is shown, but after connecting to it, I receive a “No SIM” message:

…even though is actually connected. I’m having some 4G problems and don’t know if it’s a carrier of firmware problem because of this problem.

Hello, I just asked my colleague, this problem has been optimized, but I don’t know if the latest firmware of mt3000 is used, maybe you can try with the latest firmware.

Do you mean latest stable? I’m already using the latest version:

GL.iNet download center doesn’t seem to show a beta or snapshot option.

latest snapshothttps://dl.gl-inet.com/?model=mt3000&type=snapshot

Funny, I remember having one available to download last week but can’t find anymore…

Solved in firmware 4.4.5.