Youtube apk as single app NOT blocked by adguard nor adblock. pls help

what could i do?
every other browser+site or app could be blocked except this single one.

currently i only try block

even i followed on web and block 12 related sites, it still can connect.

pls help. thanks

Have you added to the block list on AdGuardHome and/or AdBlock?

I do not work for and I am not directly associated with GL.iNet

The Youtube app uses more than one domain You can try to add the following domains to the block list

Or try using wildcards to block all domains containing youtube, googlevideo, yt.

i tried as from this post:

didn’t work

i guess same list.

thanks all anyway.

these “superuser” post are usually advanced.
if they cant. it’s really a challenge.

yeah ofcoz, just not working.

see bottom, it’s hard. thx

I ran some simple tests. Both this list of domains and the blocking of Youtube services in AdGuard Home under Filters → Blocked services are effective in blocking domain name resolution requests from Youtube sites.
However, AdGuard Home blocks only DNS requests. If the device already has DNS cached data, it can still access Youtube normally even if it cannot resolve the domain name through DNS servers.

What model of device do you have? If you want to block a site, it is best to use the Parental Control feature.

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after adding them to the block list did you try to stop and start adguard. also check you white list.

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hi, thx guys.
my fault.

it seems the adguard UI is misleading.

^the above enable/disable is really misleading so i clicked several times and finally the pop up say enabled.

with this, and a clear of storage of the youtube app, it seems do the work.

thank you you guys.

hope i could get rid of the internet addiction, thx

yeah thx.
seems is the UI problem.

btw, to prevent myself turn off the adguard,
i have to generate a 11-15place random password,
write in a paper card.
then make this the GL inet router admin password.
and lock it away.
so that i 'll have hard times to login as admin and turn off adguard.

another problem… sort of.

the adguard now can block zhihu service,
i also entered into custom filtered sites.

web browser could be blocked at
but the zhihu apk still works.

zhihu is less distracting to me,
just report to see if you guys may want to completely block it.

Did you specifically block only “”, or also all its subdomains?

In general, I add prefix “||” in front of domain names in the blocklist.

in adguard the “block service” now have youtube and zhihu, among others. i use this. i think they are better than list 1 by 1 by myself.

it’s ok, it is hard to completely block those sites,
may be i have to learn to control myself better. thanks

You do not have to list 1 by 1 in the block list. Just use “||” to block subdomains, instead of “” in the block list.

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