ZenMate VPN on Beryl?

Hi all,

I’m currently a ZenMate VPN user and was wondering if I can set it up on my Beryl travel router?

Looking at this page: VPN on Router - GL.iNet ZenMate is not in the list, but does it means it’s not supported?

I will soon renew my VPN subscription so I’m fine purchasing another VPN that is installable on the router, if ZenMate is not supported.

Thanks for your help guys.


The list shows only the VPN providers we have tested, just in case they are not on the list does not mean they are not available. In fact, OpenVPN and WireGuard are universal and if the VPN provider provides a general configuration file for download, it will usually work on the GL Router.
ZenMate does offer an OpenVPN download that you can try to configure.