ZeroTier on GL-AR750S (Slate) on firmware v4.3.7

Hi all!

Despite the fact that the page ZeroTier - GL.iNet Router Docs 4 states that the GL-AR750S (Slate) router supports ZeroTier, this menu is not available in the router’s web interface. It turns out that the information on the site is not true?

@andrey Because openwrt22.03 is a bit difficult for older models, some zerotiers are not installed by default when leaving the factory.

You can install it yourself as needed on this page

I am aware of the option to install an additional package, but since the ZeroTier support for this router was mentioned, I expected that there is a possibility to configure it from the web-interface according to the given instructions. In this case it makes sense to remove it from the table, because it is misleading - you can install ZeroTier package on almost any router with OpenWRT

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