12V Car Adapter for Spitz GL-X750


I didn’t want to open a year old thread that didn’t really provide enough information, so here goes a new one. I would like to power my new Spitz GL-X750 from a 12 V source using a cigarette lighter format. This will be used in my truck as well as my goal zero yeti. I understand that I need a 4mm 12v 1.5a adapter but this is actually quite difficult to find. The best I have been able to come up with is a product that provides 12v 2a of power and I can’t figure out if that will work with the Spitz. The last thing I want to do is damage my device. Here is the specific adapter I am looking at:

Does anyone know if this will work or have a better option? Thank you very much for your time.

p.s. Was I supposed to comment on the year old thread that asked a similar question but did not get a solid answer?

Yeah, you where supposed to comment on the year old thread :yum:
And I do not remember what I bought for cable. But if works :+1:

Doh! Will do that next time for sure.

I’m glad it is working for you. I have not been able to fund a 12v 1.5a cable and am still wondering if a 12v 2a cable will work or if it will damage the unit…

I have had the same issues with finding 4mm (possibly 4.1mm) barrel connectors. I’ve resorted to cutting the power cables of the supplied mains adaptors.

Wikipedia documents many, many coaxial power connectors. I think the GL-X750 must use an “EIAJ-02”, which is conventionally used for 3.1V-6.3V supplies. My guess is that was chosen as a 5.5mm socket would have been too big.

GL.inet and others seem to be moving to USB-C for power levels above 8-10W.

It’s possible to supply regulated power - 5V or 12V - directly to header pins on a Raspberry Pi, Jetson Nano, etc. I suspect that’s possible with GL.inet devices but I haven’t seen it documented anywhere.


The issue I am having is finding a 12v 1.5 amp cigarette lighter power adapter. I can find plenty of 2amp ones, but no 1.5 amp… I can find one that has adjustable voltage… so if I am looking for 12v * 1.5amp = 18 watts… can I get away with a 9v * 2amp adapter? Or will that damage the device?

Does anyone know of a 12v 1.5 amp cigarette lighter power adapter??

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As long as you have enough Amps, then any Amperage is fine. Just make sure the voltage is correct.

It must be 12V, you can use any amperage above 1.5A, so 2A, 3A, 5A, all work the same way.

You are both amazing. Thank you very much for helping me figure this out.

Here’s what I did. I bought a 150W sine wave converter that plugs into a cigarette adapter and converts 12V DC to 110/120 AC power. I then plugged the AC adapter that I got with the router into the AC plug on the adapter. Problem solved. Amazon has the 150W sine wave converters for about $40. Be sure to get a sine wave converter so that your electric flow is without spikes. I hope this helps.

Wow, thats a very roundabout way to power a 12v device with a 12v supply lol. The inverter is going to be constantly drawing much more power than the router you are powering with it. A cheap constant-voltage dc-dc power supply would be loads more efficient, or youd probably be just fine powering the thing directly with the 12v cigarrette lighter.