V4.0.1 Beta1 is out


V4.0.1 Beta 1 is out for AXT1800 Slate AX.

Bug Fix:

Fix the problem that the VPN Danshboard cannot be configured.
Fixed the issue that the wireless power could not be modified in some cases.
Fix the problem that THE 5G channel cannot be set to 149-165.
Rectify the error of collecting statistics about the size of network storage files.
Fix the problem that glinet management page cannot be accessed after luci plug-in is installed.
Fixed unauthorized access via RTTY.

New features:

LUCI supports Chinese by default.
Supports IPV6 DDNS.
Bypass mode is supported.

Remaining issues:

WIFI crash when repeater reaches part of hotspot.
Some SD cards cannot be identified.

I am experiencing issues with adguardhome and DoH after upgrading both flint AX1800 and slateAX AXT1800 to this beta.

fyi Adguard Home fails to update 107.8 on 4.0.1

I tried to click update on the ADGuard Home page. It did not have any problems. It is v0.107.8 now.

Can you tell me how you do it? Is there any error message?

Did you update Adguard Home previously? There is an issue with Adguard Home leaving a backup of the binary when upgrading, and that causes space issues. If you don’t remove the folder after updating once, next time you try to update it will fail.

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Yes I did update AGH once before on 4.0.0
thanks it upgraded fine.
fyi for those with same issue.
rm -r /etc/AdGuardHome/agh-backup/

also after upgrade if all went well- one may wish to delete the new backup to save 32mb

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this is because there is no enough space in rom partition.
Try hard reset and update Adguard as the first thing