4.5.7 firmware Flint2 Wireless GL-MT6000

Still getting massive drops from wireless users.
I will get a stream of 10 to 20 solid pings then a series of drops either 1, 2 or 3 drops in a row.

Hello, could you please try pinging the gateway to see the situation?

Hi guys!! For me 4.5.7 is not stable. Some ping drops, when it looks for the least congested channel it does not do it correctly and uses the most congested one in the 5Ghz band. And also from the openwrt console it is not possible to see the status of the associated clients, etc. Additionally, the power level is reduced to 20 dBm in any country configuration. It doesn’t give maximum power 30 dBm. I have had to go back to 4.5.6 and it is much better. Please check it.

This is to the gateway.

Out of 46 pings I dropped 6… to the gateway on wireless.
I was having these results in 4.5.6 as well.

Could you please share your Wi-Fi details (frequency, band, encryption) and the used device + signal strenght with us?


Stability seems to have improved for me. Will monitor.

Any thoughts on what I have sent?

Hello, may I ask if there are many wifi signals around you?

I posted a week ago pretty much these same points. Now I see GL.iNet has come to their senses and taken away the 4.5.7 builds from their web site and the latest build now is 4.5.6 from January 2024. 4.5.7 with proprietary drivers does NOT improve WIFI performance and any functions integrated with WIFI (like channel monitoring) do not work with the closed source drivers.


I think i observed something the same with this firmware the latest release 4.5.7, the previous 4.5.7 was working fine.

But im careful due to my advanced setup, does it sometimes feel like the connections hang and freeze when visiting a site?

9/10 my gateway address does not freeze up, this is like a second of 50 then it works normally again, i noticed it does change behaviour when i stop banip from the upstream side, that is why im not sure what i experience is the same and even considered a bug.

A topology:

Flint 2 (dumbap 4.5.7) <--> flint 2 (OpenWrt 23.5 snapshot, banip and wg vpn tunnel over wireless) <-- isp

But the freezes occur randomly maybe 4 or 5 times per day of constant use, when im loading reddit i often experience a freeze which is very confusing why it happens more frequently there other sites will instantly hang too, i might need to further check this because i learned that WED (might not make sense on a dumbap) will bypass SQM though the sqm is only active on the OpenWrt snapshot one.

I might just try a week without banip :+1::wink:

We do not have many other SSID’s in the area

Hello, we are currently unable to reproduce the issue. We will continue testing, and if there are any new developments, we will update you.

Hello, is your Flint2’s OpenWrt version 23.05?

remind me went I ask you to speak on my behalf, :thinking:

Like myself there’s many many users here that saw a REAL improvement from the open-source drivers with the mediatek SDK, sure we still have a lot of other issues but don’t speak for everyone went you said the mediatek SDK didn’t help to improve the wifi performance of the router,

Just my two cents

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Yes i use two flint 2, the wifi side is 4.5.7 configurated as dumbap, and upstream uses a 23.05 non oem snapshot from OpenWrt.

It just happened again🤔

I visit the reddit app, insta disconnect and other sites give me DNS_PROBE_POSSIBLE when i go back to my wan ip (the upstream ip) and only load the openwrt site, then link connectivity was restored and other sites work again.

Very strange issue.

– edit –

I do notice this in my ifconfig output:

rax0      Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr <snip>  
          RX packets:27294740 errors:2367 dropped:0 overruns:0 frame:0
          TX packets:90386897 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 carrier:0
          collisions:0 txqueuelen:1000 
          RX bytes:6643719126 (6.1 GiB)  TX bytes:71460284540 (66.5 GiB)

2367 packets dropped for RX, is this because wireguard tunnels over wifi and may doesn’t like that?