4G antenna that will work with your products

Any Idea here of good 4G external antenna to work with your products ?

I have network problem here on the road , And need better reception, Only get around 2 bar at all time.

with your current antenna and Router ( GL-X750 )

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How many bars do you get if you use a smartphone with the same carrier/SIM card?

Here is a thread about upgrading the GL-X750 antennas, with no clear benefit:

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Just try 2 set of antenna I had from Aliexpress and 1 of them made the cut !

I now almost never drop signal and have good internet all over the area I am driving.

Guess my carrier really like the Band 4 and that the stock antenna just where not enough

This is the antenna from aliexpress

If I still DC , then I will look for a signal booster !


How many bars do you get now with the new antenna?

Well , It does not upgrade the BAR a lot , i think , i am now from mostly 2 bar , sometimes 3 bar from a mostly 2 bar.

But the reception never drop now ( was dropping at least 10 times per day before ) , I have 130 ping instead of 300 ish and I have reception on BAND 4 , 2050 ish . was not able to have clear band 4 reception before. Band 2 mostly before

so for me , this Antenna just fix all my problem , i try 2 other model that where not a big Mimo antenna and they did not work .

I have to say , I use the router in my car with a portable battery pack. and work on the road in a 100km range from the main city.

hope this can help !