Spitz GL-X750 antennae upgrade

I’m based in the UK, and my Spitz GL-X750 indoor WiFi coverage is horrible, and LTE speeds not good at all. I understand the two external antennae are for Wifi (5GHz, 4dbi) and LTE (700M ~ 2.7GHz), while 2.4GHz is supported via the internal antenna.
Does anybody know which external antenna is which? I was thinking of updating them both with this https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07KH1HTP7

Does anyone have experience with this and can share if it’s worth it at all? If I could get some guidance, I’m happy to share the results of the upgrade if it might help anyone

Both the antenna is for LTE. So pls get two LTE antenna for X750.

Thanks alzhao. So what’s the difference between the two antennae?

Also, how may I increase the 5Ghz coverage if the antenna is only internal?

LTE need two antenna for better signal. One is main and another is differential.

For 5G, the only way is to drill a hole and connect another SMA antenna.

Can this https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07KH1HTP7 be used as LTE antennae?

No that is for WiFi.

Just search LTE antenna in amazon and you will have a lot.

What is the DBI of the antennae currently installed on the device?

@alzhao can you please advise?

I am not sure. Sorry. But not high gain.

No, worries thanks. Do you think 10dbi B06XPYFZ55 on amazon.co.uk would suffice?

@alzhao can you please advise?

Sorry the link only links to amazon, not a product. Can you give link of the product directly?

The forum wouldn’t let me. On Amazon UK just search for B06XPYFZ55

It is correct. The antenna should be SMA male.

How did you get on? Any improvement in ‘LTE speeds’?

Did you make a hole for the wifi antenna?