5G Router

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Is a 5G router something you’re working on? We have 5G in lots of places here in Germany, I would be interested in buying one if you could offer one.

I feel external USB 5g Modem pair with newer glinet routers is a good option for now

Yes. Both 5G router and 5G compatiblity on our new AX routers.

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Depending on your travel needs, I purchased both a Samsung A71 5g a716u1 and a716v to tether and have 5g available from all carriers.

The external m.2 enclosures that I’ve seen require usb-c or 12v auxillary power plus a usb connection to the device for the 4 antenna configurations with fan, so not as travel friendly.

The phones were purchased in Dec 2020 to cover my 5g needs at the time and I actually have just been using the 4g ec25-af on two GL.Inet routers, since we see slow battery drain on the phone while usb tethering all day, while it only takes 3 watts (5v/0.67a max on boot) to run an sft1200 Opal with an ec25-af in a usb-c to mini-pcie enclosure.

Initially, all I needed was an iPhone tethered to an ar150, then purchased the x750 Spitz years later to tether 5g phones for the dual band wifi (with a usb3 to dc55 12v converter and adapter) and then pre-ordered the Opal for the gigabit ports, so I’m looking forward to seeing the next gen cellular routers that fit easily in a laptop bag.

I tried the Mudi and the Puli but opted for the Spitz and Opal with an ec-25af LTE modem and 5g tethering option for connectivity. Seeing a multi-core, m.2 Puli v2 with 3x gb ports, ac/ax/be wifi and 2x usb ports would interest me.

Hi and thanks to you all.
What I’m looking for is basically a Mudi with the option of 5G and maybe even without the battery.
As I travel a lot, I try to carry as little weight as possible. And it should be as easy as possible.
Hope that solution will be there in future.

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Indeed, we are developing the 5G Router, the major configuration is WIFI6 + 5G Module with m.2 interface + 2x nano-sim + 6x External antennas (4 for 5G NR, 2 for WIFI), without battery.
This product will introduce several advanced features, like dual-sim auto switch, 5G/Ethernet/WIFI repeater failover function, intuitive configuration, etc. Hope the advanced hardware performance and useful software functions will get good feedback from our users.


For battery setups definitely mango, shadow, mudi are the better choice

If not on battery then the upcoming beryl ax is the better choice for it’s performance / size ratio

Slate Plus is balanced in terms of power consumption, performance, size

I agree with bitty_bytes a midrange 5g phone with big battery capacity is a good alternative to 5g modems. I’ve tried 5g phone providing hotspot to a glinet router (instead of a line tether) and it works just as fine.

All aforementioned glinet routers can work well with a 5g phone via wireless repeating (just that mango and shadow only has 2.4 wifi)

Is it designed for Travel warrior or corporate/industrial usage ?

The major target markets of this 5G router are SMB and RV usage.

As limited by the WIFI6+5G power consumption and 6 antennas’ location, the product size can’t be as compact as Spitz or Mudi, but we are trying our best to reduce the product size, including introduce noiseless fan for better heat dissipating.

We will publish more information during the product developing. Appreciate your information about the market requirement.


Good morning

That sounds like a promising project. Hope that unit is not too big. For travel purposes, I would be happy if the unit is as small as possible. Does it really need 6 antennas? I only need wifi next to the unit, and not 50 m around it.

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MIMO transmission (over multiple antenna) has advantages in wireless communication or in noisy environment, as a camping site.
See for example: Advantages of MIMO | Disadvantages of MIMO

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I was hoping for a mudi2 or similar with a battery and 5g. It will be interesting to see what does come out.

Do you use for travel or fixed location?

I love my Puli and Mudi. I use in fixed and travel. The battery feature is nice. Not many option as far as a battery 5g router. Definitely will keep my eye out. :eyes:

No battery please to render the product obsolete as soon as it is not holding any charge anymore. Just stick a power bank or something onto it if need portable power and stop asking for a battery option.

100% agree to this. Any usb type C power source will do

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I also agree that non-user replaceable batteries are not modern, but if a portable travel router series could run off of 2x 26650 cells, carrying 2 sets of 8000mah to 12000+mah rechargable cells is just as convenient, if not more than carrying around a ~30000mah PD power bank with 45w,65w or 100w charging.

GL.Inet has been known to offer unique products, so a router with an accessible battery compartment would not surprise me on new variants of the Mudi and Puli.

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Travel i use the mudi in my vehicle while traveling around.

I get the issue when the battery dies. The nighthawks have batteries that can be replaced it seems. Definitely doable

Yes, and end up with something like this:

Just why bother???