750m travel ac router - mac clone dont work


I have a 750M travel ac router, and Mac clone just dont work.
When i copy or put random MAC, it still show router default adress on the network.

C:\Users\PC>arp -a

Interface : — 0x16
Adresse Internet Adresse physique Type XX-XX-XX-XX-XX-XX dynamique

XX-XX-XX-XX-XX-XX = default router mac adress.

Using Ethernet cable, staying as a hotel.

Would also like to know how to edit MAC Adress of the router manually, if the function MAC clone dont work here.

Need help here !

The cloned MAC address will not be applied to the LAN side, otherwise you will have two identical MAC addresses on your LAN (the cloned client and the router). Please check it on the WAN side.

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It is possible somehow to apply it on LAN side or modify router MAC adress on the LAN side ?

Edit : So i found a way to edit the MAC adress for the router on the LAN side.

Thanks a lot for your help.

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@yuxin.zou Hi . Please tell me what is the name of this program in OpenWRT?

opkg update

opkg install ???

I think you probably misread it…I don’t have any packages installed, the screenshots are the firmware interface.
I assume you are asking what @itha used to edit the MAC on the LAN side? I don’t really know it.

Try LuCI → Network → Interfaces → LAN → Edit → Advanced Settings → Override MAC Address.

I do not work for and I am not directly associated with GL.iNet

@yuxin.zou Hello. I got it right. One of the solutions if the program does not work is to reinstall it, so I asked you what is the name of the program that change the mac address?

@wcs2228 Thanks for your answer. Please tell me what you recommend will change the mac address ? I’m looking for a program name that is in the interface MUDI .

Are you referring to gl-sdk4-macclone? It is system software. You may not be able to reinstall it, it has not been uploaded to the repository.
it isn’t use other plug-ins. it only set MAC in OpenWrt. You also can do it in the page of LuCI:

Note: You need to find the corresponding device in the “Interface” tab. LAN always use br-lan, but WAN don’t always use eth0.

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@yuxin.zou Thank you very much for the answer . This is what I was looking for . I have a question for you . Please tell me this program is only for MUDI or is it in the OpenWRT repository for other devices under a different name?

I also wanted to clarify where you can see the full list of installed programs in MUDI not in the device ( opkg list-installed ) but on the site?

It should be available for all devices.

Do you need a list of software like this?

@yuxin.zou Hello . Thank you for your answer .

The link you gave is dangerous! http://download.gl-inet.com/releases/v19.07.8/packages-3.0/ath79/packages/ Speaking of the app gl-sdk4-macclone , I didn’t find it in the OpenWRT repository https://openwrt.org/packages/table/start. Did you add it there?

This warning is only because it uses an HTTP connection.

No. The private package for gl-* only for our firmware is only maintained in our own repository yet. You can find its address in the okpg configuration of the device.
The macclone feature may not be designed as a separate package on 3.x firmware. It is part of the overall system. So you only find it in AXT1800 or AX1800’s repository.

@yuxin.zou Thank you for your reply. How to view list of software http://download.gl-inet.com/releases/v19.07.8/packages-3.0/ath79/packages/ via HTTPS ?

The problem is that HTTP data is not encrypted, so can be intercepted by third parties to gather data passed between the two systems. This can be addressed by using a secure version called HTTPS, where the S stands for Secure.

If it’s not difficult for you, please write a link to AXT1800 or AX1800’s repository

It’s not difficult. But I still don’t understand what you are trying to do. You may not find what you want in here. These warehouses are not available to you.

Let me explain further.

  • ipk packages that are built into the firmware, like gl-sdk4-macclone, which do not exist in any repository, you can only find them in the device’s installed
  • Some gl-* packages that are not built into the firmware and are placed in the official gl repositories
  • These packages are only available for our firmware and are not open source

The only way we currently offer to use the built-in ipk packages is to compile the firmware using our scripts.

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@yuxin.zou Hello . Thank you very much for your detailed answers.

I would like to clarify for myself.

  1. Do I understand correctly that I can only see all gl packages via http ? HTTPS not working for us?

  2. gl packages such as gl-sdk4-macclone are only in your repository and you don’t place them in the OpenWrt repositories?

  3. There are two options to build your own GL-image, this one How to compile firmware for AXT1800 and the second option is to install OpenWrt and only then install the programs I need, right?

I also saw this guide GitHub - gl-inet/imagebuilder: Warning!Please look at 'GL.iNET Imagebuilder Introduction' section.

Only some gl- packages are available in our repository, not in the OpenWrt repository. You can download them from the opkg using https.

src/gz glinet_private https://fw.gl-inet.com/releases/v19.07.8/packages-3.0/ath79/glinet

Please refer to

However, this compilation tool is not available for 3.x.

Yes, this is also the compilation tool, which is available for 3.x.

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