A Pocket-sized Wi-Fi 6 Router Beryl AX (GL-MT3000) is coming soon!

We’re proud to announce that Beryl AX (GL-MT3000), our first Wi-Fi 6 AX3000 Travel Router, is available for PRE-ORDER NOW.🎉 Learn more about Beryl AX and pre-order here 👉 GL-MT3000 / Beryl AX - GL.iNet

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The performance specs look great from a travel router perspective, though it could always be smaller and lighter :slight_smile:. Has pricing been announced? It’s not clear to me why anyone would choose a Slate Plus over this if the price is similar. Very interested in pricing and availability!

Expanding on the thoughts above a little bit now that I’m at a real keyboard…

Pricing is going to be very interesting, because at least on paper this seems like the only GL-iNet travel router worth buying:

  • You basically have 3 size/weight classes: The AR/MT300 series, the Opal/Beryl/Slate Plus/Beryl AX class, and the Slate AX
  • The AR/MT300 series is small, but is barely powerful enough today even using Wireguard.
  • The Slate AX is (arguably too) powerful, but also larger and more bulky than the mid-sized routers for travel purposes. I also have substantial concerns about its long-term software support (is it ever going to move off of a 4.4 kernel? Maybe? Will it ever get an aarch64 firmware from GL-iNet? Doubtful, given the possibility of bricking during an update from armv7->aarch64. It will likely be years before it has upstream OpenWRT support, if it ever gets it.)

That leaves us with the other four routers:

  • The Opal doesn’t make sense for most people - it’s cheap, but it’s no more powerful than the 300 series from a travel perspective.
  • The original Beryl and Slate Plus have a lot of overlap at the moment - both around a $70USD street price (at least in the US), both with similar performance numbers on Wireguard (I know the official numbers are ~100mbps for the Beryl and ~200mbps, but in real-world testing I generally get more like ~150mbps for the Beryl and ~200mbps for the Slate Plus). The Beryl has a microSD card, but doesn’t really have the CPU power to use as a media server. The big selling point (to me) for the Beryl at this point is that it has native OpenWRT support, though I expect the Slate Plus to get that somewhat soon-ish since the ipq4000 series is already in the main tree.
  • Then there’s the Beryl AX, which based on the spec sheet and Brume 2 experience should offer substantially better performance than either the original Beryl or Slate Plus on userland / single threaded applications (i.e. OpenVPN, samba) in basically the same size/weight package. It only has a single LAN port, which isn’t a dealbreaker for most applications, and doesn’t have the original Beryl’s microSD card - though again, it arguably wasn’t useful on the original anyway. I suspect core OpenWRT support will take a bit - there are MT79XX devices in the tree already, though the MT7981 will probably miss the Linux 6.1 mainline, which is unfortunate and could slow things down. In any event, I’m far more confident about the MT7981 making it into core OpenWRT than I am the Slate AX’s ipq6018.

We’ll have to wait for the final product, obviously, but at least on paper it looks like a very compelling product compared to the rest of the routers in the lineup - especially if it’s priced as aggressively as the Brume 2. At $60-80 I would probably buy 2-3 of them. If the price is closer to the Slate AX I would probably still get one, but it would be harder to justify extra purchases to upgrade family members who are currently on the original Beryl.

Very excited to see where this one goes!


Potentially EAP support.

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That’s true - never Mediatek’s strongpoint. That’s a pretty niche use case though I would think. Most orgs that run an EAP network (universities, corps) have internal network policies that disallow connecting NAT devices directly to the network without approval (at least, everywhere I’ve ever worked that had an EAP network did), so I’m not sure how useful that would be in real-world use. I’ve never run into that problem at a hotel :slight_smile:

Most travel routers of GLinet are better than some home routers in the market.
This is labeled as home and travel. I can’t wait to see its performance and test results against other Glinet travel routers and other brand home routers.

Sometimes dreams come true.
Almost perfect device.
The only thing missing in this device is a microSD port. I have several MT1300 Beryl devices and use microSD on them almost constantly.
In the case of SlateAX, it is similar but a little less here because it is used for other purposes.

It is a pity that the MT3000 does not have 3 Ethernet cable ports. It will be a bit difficult to use 2.5 Gbps on a home network with a switch.
So I suggest that in the next device there should be 2 2.5 Gbps Ethernet ports or two 2.5 Gbps Ethernet ports and one 1 Gbps.
I also wonder if the two GbE ports are not a limitation of the MediaTek processor.
@alzhao Could you comment on this topic?
Thank you very much in advance for your answer.

My pockets are just not that big. A USB150, now that is truly pocket size.

I hope one day you go back to building small routers, as not all of us are looking for another router in this size group.


Please come out with a refreshed MANGO version. That is truly pocket sized and very light. So versatile.

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I think this was answered in the Brume 2 discussion. Meet Brume 2! - #35 by Dipin. Limitation of the SOC.


About the Beryl AX, there was some disccussion about improved IPV6. Conversely, I also noticed in one of the dashboards of one of your routers that using !PV6 and VPN is not recommended due to possible data leaks. Has the potential for data leaks been eliminated in the Beryl AX when using VPN? Or am I reading the issue wrong?

Thanks for confirming,
Screenshot_2022-12-28 Admin Panel

VPN and IPV6 is not fully tested in all details, especially when working with vpn policies.

It might well be “available” for pre-order, but I cannot find a way to preorder and then login to my existing account to do so (so as not having to provide address details all over again).

In this respect I think your Webpage system has a small problem.

I am a registered use of GLiNET with an account (the one I set up to purchase my Slate AX).

Your products Page shows the NEW BERYL GL-MT3000 here GL-MT3000 / Beryl AX - GL.iNet . However you cannot login at this page.

When I select Beryl AX (GL-MT3000) - Early Bird Offer “Add to Cart” it pops up a screen. I select 1 (of these devices. You cannot login at this page either.

You then select Checkout.

It then shows the “Order Summary” at a page that starts with https://gl-inet.myshopify.com/checkouts/ (followed by a bunch of numbers).

At this popup it shows “Contact information Already have an account? Log in”; so I log in here (which I can do successfully). HOWEVER on doing so it just takes me back to https://store.gl-inet.com . When I click the CART it says “Your Cart is Empty”.

If (on the same pop up / webpage) you then try to search for the new BERYL GL-MT3000 it says it does not have it.

Sorry Chrissy but (unless I am missing something fundamental here?) my thoughts for the day are “it isn’t working and you’re not making it very easy” :slight_smile:

Hi SmurfonToast,

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. We apologize for any confusion and inconvenience you have experienced while trying to pre-order the BERYL GL-MT3000.

We wanted to let you know that we have fixed the problem and you should now be able to search for the pre-order listing of Beryl AX (GL-MT3000) on our store. We were wondering if you were able to successfully place your pre-order? If you have already made the purchase, we would appreciate it if you could PM us with the email address you used to register an account. We will add the member points to your account manually. If you have not yet placed your order, please feel free to visit our website store page and search for the pre-order listing of Beryl AX.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and appreciate your patience as we work to resolve this issue.

Please let us know if you have any further concerns or questions.


This is another great product from Gl.inet! Cannot wait to see it in the market.

May we check if Beryl AX (GL-MT3000) has a built-in fan like the other AX model?

At $89 with FS the MT3000 is going to be king of the travel routers, even if slightly heavier than the Beryl with heatsink and fan! I thought it would be much more.

On the pre-order page, “Kernel” is misspelled as Kernal.

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Would you or anyone here suggest I then bypass my home WIFI router and use my new Beryl AX as my WIFI router and connect it directly to my main router, or should I use both my existing WIFI router and set it up the Beryl AX as a repeater from my home WIFI? I think bypassing would be best, since it would be unnecessary to have both running. Let me know any thoughts. Thank you.