A warm welcome to all of our Beryl AX beta testers!

:raised_back_of_hand: If you’re reading this post, it means you’re our trusted friend. We handpicked every beta tester in this group to ensure the product information is kept secret until we launched the product page. You mean a lot more than just a customer to us. We trust you to test the product and share honest feedback. Thanks again for being a part of this journey with us and helping us improve the product. :palms_up_together:


Hello everyone! I’m one of the (few? many?) testers.
I just managed retrieving the router and turning it on.

The immediate use case is as Access Point, so I changed the mode correspondingly.

I’m on firmware 4.1.0 release2

First minute impressions:

  1. this should not happen. Moving from the WIRELESS tab to any other tab in the menu leads to this little bug. Firefox here is asking me to save the access credentials of the GUI with WPA2-PSK as name and whatever is the wifi password as password. Not very safe indeed! :sweat_smile:

  2. I needed to set up 802.11r fast transition, in order to have only one big wifi. Your GUI ATM does not provide this setting, so one has to go by OpenWRT. I’m perfectly fine with it, but logging in LuCi I discovered a terribly ugly tab to set the wireless radios that is not the default one of LuCi, located in MTK/Wifi Configuration. Any setting related to fast roaming is missing here as well, and in OpenWRT wifi menu it seems the radios are disabed.
    Is this going to be so ugly forever, or just a temporary cosmetic problem?

  3. Router mode: PPPOE works out of the box and with no problems. I miss the Switch section in LuCi menu, but it’s working at the bare minimal.
    Unfortunately going through the IP6 settings in the GLinet GUI does not produce any native IP6 address, but this might just be me mistaking something. On my router and on the AXT1800 I have it just selecting MODE: Native; and DNS acquisition Method: Automatic.

Is there anyone?
Fellow members?

FYI, a new beta is just out the oven:

Installed the new beta today, which seems to clear up some of the issues I had. I may try to play around with getting tailscale working (still failing in the repos). For now I’m just trying to do stability testing on it.

I’m not sure how many have been sent out. I’ve dusted off a space, but nothing exciting to fill it with yet.

Hello fellow beta testers,

My beryl ax is up and running for 2 days beta firmware 4.1.2, as a wireless access point, and wireguard server

i added luci-sqm but so far it only works on the lan-br, eth0, etc, doesnt work on the MTK wireless interface, i can see traffic activity on ra0 and rax0 but setting cake qos on those interfaces doesnt work

I also tried the access white/black list on the MTK wireless tab in Luci but the settings doesnt persist between wireless interface on and off

other than that it works very fine

sometimes temperature can go to 76C (malaysia tropical weather) I set fan to spin at 80C

my pc wireless getting 100mbps at 20mhz 5g, 196mbps at 40mhz 5g, so theoretically can get 800mbps at 160mhz 5g

Same. I have not received mine to test. :blush: But patiently waiting. Thank you

The way I normally test is I set it up as my home router, and I test every feature I can for weeks, and report issues. I also use Prometheus to gather additional information about the router. :+1:
Even though my wife is a little upset because the internet might go up and down. It’s the only way to test :wink:

Does anybody own another Mediatek router from GL.inet?
Have you ever seen the MTK section in LuCi, or this is a peculiarity of this model in particular?

IIRC the original Beryl had that when it was using the proprietary driver. I’d suspect it’s a function of being on that, rather than mt76.

Still waiting for mine, but have a test plan ready to go!

Mine came with 4.1.2 firmware installed as default :+1:

So far it works good, I have not encountered problems yet, running fine.

For wireguard I was amazed how fast enabling the vpn process was, as for my flint probably config related it took me longer when the vpn actually turns on, and on the dns settings I did not saw a visual glitch.

On wifi a room further I get around 200mb/s and 300mb/s upload and on cable 204mb/s and 500mb/s up while my isp package is 200mb/s up and down I only think download is capped by isp.

Wireguard is around 189mbs download speed on wifi and on pc 194mb/s.

I did not checked the wireless wan options yet.

This is what I got for Wi-fi 5Ghz speed of MT3000 in 1G/600M PPPoE line, it’s amazing.


What is the device you are using?
iphone? model?
Andriod? model?

I use Google Pixel 7 Pro.

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Hi everyone, it is a pleasure to be with you all! I’ve recently received mine and playing with it. I’m amazed by the performance with Wireguard!

Hey everyone! Recently received mine and it came with 4.10 beta 2. Had trouble seeing my WiFi in repeater mode so I updated to 4.12 and it resolved the issue.

Took it to my in-laws over the weekend as well to test it in a different environment. Been liking it so far.

I use the Wireguard client to link my Firewalla Gold at home. Stable in my environment and decent speed as well.

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Hi all.
Just received my AX yesterday. Testing has begun.
One thing that annoys me is the inability to setup vpn providers in the browser gui. While being able to in the iOS app

Yes indeed. I was very impressed by the performance as well…

Out of curiosity, I guess yours is a VLAN based fiber connection, right?
Do you see any way to set tagging of VLANS, apart from the glinet GUI?

Which vpn provider are you referring to?