Access Mango V2 router via DDNS help

Hi. I’m trying to set up my Mango GL-MT300N-V2-ea2 router with ddns so that I can access it from abroad. I have enabled the DDNS button on the setup page and the Mango is connected to my main home router as a repeater. There is no NAT on my main router (I checked) so am I right in thinking I do not need to forward any ports on my main router? I believe I have followed all other instructions for ddns setup, but when I type nothing happens - i cannot get to the admin page. Am I missing a step or two? Any advice would be appreciated. thanks Jin

Haven’t done this for a while but I think you will have to static IP the Mangos IP address (so you’re always pointing to the correct box) and then set up a port forward on the main router for the ddns port (default 53?) and point it to the ip address of your Mango

You will also need to to enable “enable https remote access” and make sure you use as the address. .

Sure someone with more current (and correct? .:joy:) experience will pipe in :blush:

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Thank you limbot. I have tried all you suggested. Made the Mango a static ip of, then port forwarded on main router on 53. The DDNS button is active on the Mango and so is the https. But still no joy…

There is no NAT settings, does not mean there is no NAT. Your main router must works as NAT, otherwise you will have another main router working as NAT. You must set up portforward in your NAT router.

Thank you alzhao. Very good point and I thought this was the case. On my home/main router NAT says disabled that’s what I meant. I have forwarded port 53 DNS on that router (put 53 in External and Internal Port boxes) with the local IP address of the Mango ( on the Internal Host box but that’s not solving the issue. There is a box there for External Host and I’m not sure what to put in it… Could that be it?
I have also forwarded port 53 on the Mango itself on the Firewall page. Many thanks for all your suggestions

You should not port forward port 53. That is for ddns. You are breaking your network.

DDNS does not relate to your local dns (port 53).

DDNS does not need port forward to work. But if you want to access your web (port 80) or ssh (port 22), you need to forward those port.

Mm I’m breaking his network. Sorry for bad advice :frowning:

Thanks alzhao. No problem limbot. I have stopped forwarding on 53 on both routers so now I’m back to normal router as it was before all this. I’m very much a beginner in all this so appreciate the support.
I take it that this ddns setup on the Mango should work without any port forwarding? When i do the DDNS Test on the Remote Access page of the Mango, it tells me this router is behind NAT or you do not have a public IP address. How do i get past this? Much obliged

I realise I have not said why I want to access my Mango remotely. I want to plug in a usb drive to the Mango and be able to access it from abroad. Hope that makes sense

Can you tell me if you have a fixed line broadband?

Or what kind of Internet plan you are using?

Also some screenshot of your main router are helpful.

Yes fixed line broadband from TALKTALK in the UK. Router is Sagemcom FAST-5364.

Public ip or natted ip by your provider? You can test it on wan page of your main router.
If public no problem for port forwarding…

Public IP, and NAT says disabled

Pls send screenshot of the MT300N-V2.

This page alzhao?

Ok I see.

You need to set up port forward on your router

External 443,
Internal 443

Thanks alzhao, but this is what I get. I must be doing something wrong.

Sorry. Internal is