Adblock 4g smart router

Is there a tutorial of some sort to better understand how to set Adblock up? It is installed and then…

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Here’s my experience :blush:

I appreciate this. It works, but I still see adds on YouTube.

Yes, YouTube and many other sites deliver ads directly from the same hosts that serve content to prevent exactly what you are trying to do.

Any solution to this?

Not at the router (any router) – it’s all buried in TLS.

Try in your browser, with something like uBock Origin

Yeah Youtube needs javascript tweaks to remove ads. Facebook is even more sneaky, they send ads via the same servers as static content and not external providers, and obfuscate all html tags to make it very hard to block ads.

The problem for is that on my smartphone they integrated YouTube and FB into the firmware and I was looking at different solution to block it. I guess change phone.