Adblock on B1300 Not found

I am not able to find Adblock in advance GUI under services (Luci is it?) of B1300 after installing it from plugins.

Does it require something from SSH? How to setup, please help.

Does this help? :slight_smile:

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you need to install luci-app-adblock , then go into Luci to see it.

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Thanks for your help.

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

But the adblock in b1300 is different from above, mine show this.
And is it able to ban youtube’s ads?

I would love to see if youtube ads can be blocked.

There is a newer version directly from OpenWRT repositories (3.5.5-3). But that YouTube blocker blocks too much and my videos don’t play at all. I am waiting for an update. But I googled and added a few more custom lists. So far it blocks only banner ads and page ads.
It’s also been discussed on so many sites that YouTube now serves video ads from the same servers as videos themselves. So creating a list wouldn’t help.
I myself want to make it work for my TV since it does not allow for any modifications.

EDIT: Looks like they fixed not playing videos, but video ads still show up for the same reason I explained above…

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youtube Premium is $11.99 per month and it is ad free. Because of this it may be difficult to block ad in youtube. The best way if there is one, is to have browser plug-in.