Adblock on B1300

I cannot install Adblock because it has wget as a dependency and only wget-nossl is in the repository?

It runs fine on AR300M.

If you don’t mind, can you try the open source firmware (LEDE1701) of B1300?

OK. Where’s the firmware file?

Is there a firmware file for LEDE 17.01?

For the time being, I am using my AR300M as the network ad blocker. It seems to be able to handle 24 connected clients! And over 50000 blocked domains!

Can you share some experience of set up?


This is for the AR300M, firmware version 2.27.

  • Install wget first. (I get installation errors otherwise)

  • Install luci-app-adblock

  • Using the luci interface, go to Services | Adblock

  • Click Enable Adblock.

  • Down this page there are a number of block lists. Pick those that you need. Then keep scrolling to the bottom of the page.

  • Enable force local DNS.

  • Disable force optional sort. It has little effect and slows down updates.

  • Click Save and Apply.

  • It’s going to take some time to download and process the lists, then ad blocking will be available to all connected clients.

That’s it!

I would need a version of wget with SSL on the B1300 to be able to use adblock on it.

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I’m not sure if this is relevant but I installed adblock and adblock-luci 2 days ago on an old wnr2200 router with LEDE Reboot 17.01.4, custom build, and it has never had wget installed on it. It installed fine without complaints and I later installed curl to fetch the lists.
It’s not even available in my Mifi’s repository, which is a shame really :frowning:

You can try v2.27 and you should have this in the repo.

Where is the v2.27 firmware for the B1300 ?

oops. Sorry I thought it is AR300M which is mentioned above.

Do you mind trying an opensource version of B1300? We can upload to the website next week.


For B1300, can you just download from openwrt snapshot for latest firmware.

You will find the LEDE Snapshot for B1300 here:

but i think it doesnt come with luci - so you need to install luci with SSH

Thanks. If you are going to upload the B1300 2.27 firmware next week, I can wait until then.