[Guide] Adblock getting to work on all GL.iNet devices

First you should log in your Router and go to the last section for more options / developer and you will see the luci login screen for openwrt! There you can set all things up!

You should use this Tutorial to get Adblock to working:

Use dnsmasq (should be installed, if not do this), wget (install it!) and “wan” or “lan” or “wlan” depending were the internet is coming from :slight_smile:

Advice: You can find all things to install under luci system->software and source for the pages, its easy!

Pictues you can find here :slight_smile:
Adblock not working on Mango and Slate 3.022 - solved

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I’ve had a problem with using “force local DNS” with an external captive portal - for some reason, the captive portal won’t load when using that option. Any ideas?