Adding Windscribe VPN to Router UI

Windscribe is a quite popular VPN with over 23 million users, and supports both OpenVPN and WireGuard (plus more).

They have a call which can be used to obtain WireGuard configuration:

WireGuard Config Generator - Windscribe
(requires session token, obtained by logging in using username+password)

The configurations for OpenVPN are similarly obtained:

OpenVPN Config Generator - Windscribe

Using the above will deliver a .conf file with the appropriate setting. As far as I know there isn’t a call to enumerate all locations.

What would the process be to include this in the UI like AzireVPN and Mullvad?

ps. I have no stake in Windscribe, other than being a customer.


We may need to talk with them first so that the API will remain working .