Additional suggestions to a post I’ve made months ago

These are some additional suggestions to a post I‘ve made months ago: Firewall suggestions for the GL-AR750S-Ext and maybe other GL.iNet routers

Here are the suggestions:

  • Add an option that lets us monitor what sites the clients are going to
  • Add WPA3
  • If possible, please add an antivirus to the router so all the clients is under that antivirus
  • Add a network map
  • Add a graph that tracks bandwidth (I suggested this feature because I like to track bandwidth visually instead of looking at numbers just to make it easier for me)
  • Make the GL.iNet app as much features as the web interface (this will probably happen anyways)

I think that’s all the features I wanted in the future including the last post I’ve made. I really do hope that these features will get added in the near future :))

You may need use adblock, adguard etc. We are testing these.

Yes, after we upgrade to 19.07

This is possible and necessary. Especially for mesh

You need to consider using our GoodCloud to monitor all the traffic of your devices and whole network.
We have this already but still alfa version and we need time to get it to beta.

Yes we will enrich the app. App will do more than web UI.

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@anon92943984 maybe consider renaming the subject line to something like “wishlist and suggestions” etc

In Luci (the advanced gui) you can already find bandwidth graphs?!

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Ouch … pushing back from the web UI side ;] Please keep things balanced?

Yes we are trying to balance.

The problem is: when we do not have smartphone app, people seldom ask for that. We didn’t get a bad review for lacking of app. When we have the app, a lot of bad reviews because app does not do as good work as web UI. Then when we make the app better, we will have bad review about web UI lacking of features.

So tough!