Firewall suggestions for the GL-AR750S-Ext and maybe other GL.iNet routers

I have the GL-AR750S-Ext and I just wanted to give out some feature suggestions in the Firewall section for GL.iNet routers including the GL-AR750S-Ext. I hope GL.iNet will add these new firewall features in future firmware updates!

Here are the suggestions:

  1. Make a section where people can add rules that can block and allow IP addresses, domain names, protocols, programs, ports (maybe port forwarding/open ports can do that), key words, etc.
  2. Add an adblocker and maybe even a feature where it can block inappropriate sites and images such as porn.

That’s it! I’ll be so happy if GL.iNet does add these features in the Firewall section :))

I will feed back your suggestion to the r&d.

We are working on this feature.

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For me the beauty of the gl inet range is because it’s openwrt based I can add ( or remove) any openwrt functionality as I see fit.

In regards to the adblock I posted some “instructions” here

Can also be installed via the Applications tab in the gl inet router Web interface :blush: