Adguard problems on GL-AX1800

I have a relatively new Flint and it looks like it cannot correctly run the adguard instance that was preinstalled on the router.

The two major issues I’ve found so far are:

  1. Adguard onlly sees one client (localhost). I believe the cause of this issue is a port issue 53 versus 3053. There are several threads about this issue, but no official (fix). It looks like a port forward from 53 to 3053 is the easiest way to fix this. What is the correct way to fix this?
  1. The “Enable encryption” option in Adguard does not work and throws an error when attempted (Error: control/tls/validate | port 443 is not available, cannot enable HTTPS on it ). Obviously this is in conflict with another preconfigured setting on the router.

What is the correct way to fix these issues and get adguard working as expected.

Router details:
Adguard version: v0.107.8
Openwrt Version: OpenWrt 21.02-SNAPSHOT r16399+157-c67509efd7
Kernel Version: 4.4.60

Please refer to

The 4.2.x snapshot I am using has a switch feature to enable this. Seemed to work but will break DNSmasque

With regard to adguard only seeing localhost as a client, there are issues with the “solution” referenced above.

First of all, the solution is only available in the app, not when accessing the routers web UI. The second issue is that the solution doesnt work. In the app, when I toggle “Adguard handle client requests” to on, and click submit, the app returns “success”. However if I back out of adguard on the app and return, “Adguard handle client requests” is no longer on. I am using the ios beta version of the app 2.0.0…

Why is this setting only available in the app, and not in the web UI? Is this just broken in the beta? Is there another way to activate this feature?

(I also tried this on my Beryl AX GL-MT3000 and the same issue happens. Toggling on handle client requests does not persist once you navigate away from settings.)

This option is only available on the 4.2 firmware, please upgrade your firmware.
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