Anoying SSID Beryl AX MT-3000

this SSID is very anoying, it always broadcast whenever I restart or I restore a backup after reset the router.

unfamiliar SSID like either MTK_CHEETAH or HT_AP1 suddenly show up.

currently running Snapshot v4.5.0

Since snapshot images are far away from stable, this might be the issue here?
Does this happen on a stable firmware as well?

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I’ll try the stable version tommorow and report the update.

I agree with this logic but it may be nullified if the following happens.

@zlebors when restoring a backup after doing a reset you are in a sense voiding the some of the benefits of the reset since you are restoring potential issues that you may be trying to fix with the reset.

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Version 4.5 beta 4 released today should fix your issue.:

See this related post:

I have seen this issue on the mt3000 when swapping repeater connections. I presumed it was to do with the seperate radio to do repeating as it disappears when it connects to another ap…

I have also seen this on Tenda Mesh systems and IoT devices when broadcasting their private signal…

Not much info but it might help clue someone up…

downgrading from version 4.5.0 snapshot to 4.4.6 stable didn’t work with the .img file but works fine with the .tar file.

I’ll report back in the next 48 hours