Any ETA on the AR300m ac?

Looking forward to buying one. Don’t mind paying more as there is no real completion for this product in the 5ghz spectrum.

Good question. We are pushing it as well. We got some pieces running in our office and testing the stability.

Yep, any ideas (weeks or months) expectations will be really appreciated.

Do you have any (out-of-office) beta testing program?
I’d volunteer for GL-AR300MD :^)


@Kalin, thanks. Actually we have sent some modules for testing by volunteers and waiting for feedback. We don’t have too many modules ready now. I will find out when more modules can be produced.

Great, thanks for the update!

I am planning to buy a few of our routers soon again (already have AR150s and various Domino modules) and was waiting on 5GHz solution as well.

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Any good or bad news on the 5GHz module availability?

bad news. The 5G module works, but the router is getting too hot. If without case, the router runs without problem for sometime, but if with case, the router is getting too hot to be stable.

We have already added hitsink. If you cannot find a way to cool it inside of the case, the model will be aborted.


I may never understand the fine details in engineering such devices. But I also ask myself how D-Link was able to fit 11ac and a second radio into their DIR-510 and DIR-518, in 2014. I have the 518 at home and there are a few ventilation slits, but no fan or otherwise fancy cooling (at least from the outside). Downside: closed box and no openVPN. That’s why I bought a AR300M to play around and am (desperately) waiting to a MiFi with 11ac.

Perhaps GLI can shed a light on what their problems are in comparison to D-Link’s devices.

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Thanks for the info. Seems the review of DIR-510 is not good. A lot of people said it is not stable. It is using MT7620A and 7610e which we have. DIR-518 is using a different RTL chip which we are not familiar with.

Alfie, does your update

If you cannot find a way to cool it inside of the case, the model will be aborted.
mean that there will be no 5ghz functionality in this model?

Will there be a 2 radio 2.4ghz version with external antennas? It appears that the current model only has internal antennas. Is that correct?



There is external antenna version of AR300M. It is 1 radio (2 antenna) 2.4Ghz, not 2 radio.

We will try to test if we can limit the output of the ac module using software so that it is cooler. If we can, then we will release the 5G module

So I guess still no release date for the 300MD dual 2.4 / 5 GHz ?

I was initially going for the AR150 but I was interrested in the 5Ghz feature. If the release date is not for soon, I’ll go for the AR150, which has a slightly lower power consumption.

Thanks for keeping us updated !

Any updates on the 5g module?

Just had a busy December and this 5G project was delayed. We actually has a lot of modules now but didn’t have time to make the firmware.

Delayed until when?

I bought a Dlink DIR-510L. It uses the MT7620A chipset, and is wicked fast on wifi.

Unfortunately, it’s so dumbed down it’s practically useless. There’s no OpenWRT for it yet (I doubt there will be anytime soon).

In the end I had to opt for the MT300A. But I’d love to see a AR300M available with external antennas, 802.11ac, and even a USB-C port. That be awesome.

Any updates??

Modules and testing firmware is ready. Just need sometime to put it in the website. Too busy before the China New year.

@ alzhao,


The 5G Module is in the works? Last I heard it was getting too hot and there were issues. Did this get sorted out? I’d love to get this on mine!

My guess would be mid-February. New Years is like a 1 1/2 week long vacation in China.