Anyone able to install tcpdump?

I swear I installed and used this on beta 4.

If I refresh the package in GL-UI and search, I can try to install tcpdump

If I press install, it fails to install:

Package appears missing in LuCI and at the command line.

What have I broken, or is the package missing?


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@dengxinfa can you have a check of this issue?

I did a retest and found that Beta4 works properly

I found that tcpdump is missing in Beta8;

so you can SSH the command to add a base feeds

echo "src/gz openwrt_base" >> /etc/opkg/distfeeds.conf 

and then you can install tcpdump on gl-ui


Hello Mr Dengxinfa,

that works a treat, thank you very much.


Confirmed as still missing on the GL.iNet repo on 2022-05-24

Anyone able to install tcpdump? - #4 by dengxinfa works

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