Anyone did VPN speed test on Slate AX?

Please share the max. OpenVPN and WireGuard VPN speeds you got here.

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my wireguard connection can go up to 50mbps, which is the upload limit of my fibre broadband

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Probably better to test internally on your network. :slight_smile:

Our lab test shows up to 120Mbps for OpenVPN, and up to 600Mbps for WireGuard. We want to know whether they are achievable.

This was it acting as a repeater to my phone (Oneplus 8T+5G) hotspot, connecting to a wireguard server at my home.

Computer → LAN connection → Slate AX (repeater mode with wireguard client on) connecting to phone hotspot.

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Same setup as above but using OpenVPN to my router.

No VPN connection.

Can you test again with wired connection?

Those ping speeds seem to indicate that the server is far away from you. Both your VPN server and your testing server for speedtest.

Yeah, the funny thing is, they are in my house where I did the testing (remember this was a phone hotspot). T-Mobile seems to have some strange routing.

By wired do you mean USB tethering?

I posted some results here: VPN Speed Test report - #9 by EddieA

Got really close to your estimates.


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I got ~180Mbps with OpenVPN and ~550Mbps with WireGuard (may be limited by my Internet speed).

VPN Speed Test report - #7 by wcs2228

Very impressive!

I do not work for and I do not have formal association with GL.iNet

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OpenVPN speed is much faster than our test result! I guess we can update this information.

I will second @wcs2228 's results. I got 220mbps bursts on OpenVPN (AES-128-GCM, over TCP), though sustained was closer to 180-200mbps. Wireguard was close to 500mbps. This was real world download tests from a CDN routed through my private VPN (dedicated bare metal in a datacenter ~700 miles away).

I don’t have an OpenVPN Server, right now. But I do testing against my WireGuard Server in LAN.

Setup: Internet - Fritz!Box 7590 - LAN - Proxmox Host (with Wireguard Container) - Switch - LAN - Switch - LAN - [Testing Device] - Laptop (Lenovo X200s)
no WLAN tests, here.

Device VPN Download Mbit/s Upload Mbit/s Ping ms Temp ′C
X200s off 158.8 46.6 3 40.1
Beryl off 102.2 46.0 3 35.2
Beryl WG 78.8 46.5 5 34.1
Slate AX off 140.8 46.4 3 47.2
Slate AX WG 98.4 45.9 4 49.0

Source: Google speedtest
Please note, that the singe core X200s is a reliable work laptop, but not high performance!

The Beryl passes 65% of the maximum bandwidth and 50% over Wireguard. The Slate AX passes 89% and 62% with Wireguard. I would say a nice improvement!
But for a price. It has a higher power consumption and produces a lot more heat.