AP1300 LTE stuck in uboot

I have a Cirrus AP1300 that has been in storage for a long time because my use case never materialized.

I recently had a need for it, so I tried to set it up and it does not boot into openwrt. It seems to get stuck at UBoot and every attempt I have made to install the firmware has failed. I have tried the oldest and newest 3.x versions and the newest 4.x beta version. The LEDs stop fast blinkingb while the firmware is being written, then both LEDs go solid, then it goes right back to fast flash of UBoot mode.

If you go through my post history you will find a thread I started in June of 2020 when I first received the router. It was not working correctly out of the box and I had to flash the firmware on it again to get it working.

It did work for some time, but had been in storage ever since and is not working again.

I am starting to suspect this router has a bad flash chip on it and may have been bad from the factory.

What should I do next to get this thing working?

If its stuck in uboot then flash the latest firmware and see what happens. If it kills it then your suspicious are confirmed.

I’ve attempted to flash all available versions on the downloads page. None of them have worked; all resulted in the router rebooting to UBoot again.

Borked nand. Has to be.