APN - Telekom - GL XE300 c4

Hello Team, i could not find APN setup for GL-XE300C4 in the forum and after 8 hours of testing i feel comfortable to ask the community :slight_smile:

I have a Sim Card from German Telekom (MagentaEins L).
With autoconfig it does not work. also with “internet.v6.telekom” as APN it also does not work…
It start working with the “old” configuration of APN “internet.telekom”.
With the setup from my screenshot i get very weak 9.68 Mbit/s. With my mobile phone and smae Simcard it is 240.5 Mbit/s. So any idea what i should setup here?

How about this post

thx i solved my problem in the other (much longer) post. it is working now :slight_smile:
Also purchased 2x X3000 additionally to the E750

Sorry I saw that post and took some time to reformat the commands.

But I messed up the model number.