it is not possible to import OpenVPNClient.OVPN files via app to enter a new provider

What is version of app?

APP FOR IOS iphone 1.4.3(128)

Do you want to upload the .ovpn file to the router via app? Try the beta version here Try GL.iNet app

I’m using it. Netgear BR500 ovpn server will only generate “smartphone” ovpn settings. I downloaded the settings file onto phone and upload via gl-iNet web interface to router. No problems. (But have to remember to turn it off when trying to connect to a new captive portal. Would be great if this was automatic with a notice.

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it can only be configured from a pc and activated from a pc or layeral key

You can use the browser in your phone to access the admin panel (default is to configure it, or use the beta version of the app I mentioned above.