AR150 and Huawei E3372


I’ve just ordered the above USB dongle and a SIM card from Three UK. I’m hoping someone can help advise on the setup.

Once I’ve activated the SIM in the dongle will this just work when plugged into the AR150 or is there specific settings I need to use to connect?

Any help appreciated before I make any mistakes!


Check this guide

It depends if you E3372 is hilink or not. If it is hilink you may need to set up as tethering.


I think I read somewhere that the default IP address for the E3372 is
If this is the case then if you’re going to use this with your AR150 you will have to change the address of either the E3372 or AR150 as they’ll clash (assuming you’re using defaults on your AR150) !


you can always disable hilink via AT commands… i’ve done it for my e3131… you need to google for specific commands for your model…



Thanks for the replies.

This was much easier than I expected. I had already connected my iPhone previously using the USB tethering function so not sure if that made it easier.

Anyway I simply plugged in the new USB dongle and the router automatically connected. The only thing I had to do, mentioned above, was altering the IP address as there was a conflict between the dongle and the router. I opted to change the routers IP. After that it just works. It’s using tethering rather than the 3G/4G option but it’s working well.


Ok so all working fine except one problem. I can’t connect to the VPN server running on my main router (Ubiquiti USG 3P). This is obviously being blocked by the AR150.

Can I just switch the AR150 into bridge mode as I don’t need any of its routing capabilities just to pass the internet from the LTE USB modem through to the USG gateway?

Any help on doing this please?


Have attempted to set Access Point Mode on the router but it keeps telling me I haven’t a cable plugged into the WAN port. I’ve tried plugging the USG into the WAN port but it still says Warning: no cable plugged into the WAN port.

All I want is to set this thing to Bridge Mode so that ALL internet traffic from the USB LTE Dongle goes straight to the USG and the AR150 does not do any NAT, Routing or Firewall.

Can you help @alzhao or @kyson-lok


The router does not work as bridge for modems and that is what the UI have showed.