AR300-M Bridge Wifi to Ethernet

I see in the pinned List of current feature requests 2023 post that bridging has been implemented since firmware 3.x, but I haven’t been able to find any documentation on how to get the mini router to bridge.

Does anyone know how to setup the AR300-M so that it transparently bridges between the host Wifi and the 2 ethernet ports?

I’ve been able to get mostly there by configuring the AR300 in “repeater” mode and configuring the WAN port as LAN. But, this still DHCP’s the two connected devices on a separate subnet, so they don’t discover other devices that should be available (like a wireless printer).

If there is no way to configure the AR300-M as a transparent bridge, is there a way to turn off the firewall so at least the two devices can ping the “external” upstream devices on the repeated network?

You need to use Extender mode (More settings-Network mode).

Thank you for the response! I’ll give that a try and report back. Keeping my fingers crossed. :crossed_fingers:t3: