AR300m Full brick

Good news!! I have restored one! I forgot that I made a backup of flash; the one that were working ok (AR300m16), and I made a copy of the ART partition. First question: Can I use it with the new one and change the MAC? The printenv only give me some values:


When I tried to enter in safe mode it says “Starting HTTP server in ip”. I added other variables to enter in safe mode (with setenv), and I entered (yeah!). Still it doesn’t boot, I need to execute the command “boot”.

I have one problem with the first line:

setenv bootargs '...'

This line has been copied from the image that booted. But it’s too long and my terminal doesnt let me write the full line.

Anyway, I supposed that if I update the uboot it would update the variables, but it doesn’t. Here goes the second question: Is there anyway to do that via ssh?

Thanks a lot.


ok… cant flash art.bin

*      ART  UPGRADING      *

Executing: erase 0x9FFF0000 +0x10000; cp.b 0x80800000 0x9FFF0000 0x10000

Erasing flash...
First 0xff last 0xff sector size 0x10000                                                                                255
Erased 1 sectors
Copy to Flash... write addr: 9fff0000
Write failed, cross 16M is forbidden
flash.c[227] FIXME: rc=-1
## Error: HTTP ugrade failed!

I’m trying in /art.html and this is the error in the UART console.

You cannot update art.bin via http.

Do you have tftp? Check this doc

Hi! The two units nos are working. FIXED. At this time the two units are with the same mac, but using clone mac I changed one until I could flash.

Yes, I have already checked and when I write those commands in console I am having the same error.

erase 0x9FFF0000 +0x10000; cp.b 0x80800000 0x9FFF0000 0x10000

you can try following command

erase 0x9FFF0000 +0xffff; cp.b 0x80800000 0x9FFF0000 0xffff

Nop. Bricked again. Restoring 3, 2, 1… :stuck_out_tongue:

I forgot to tell you to perform the previous steps.:crying_cat_face:

  1. You need to first configure the TFTP server and name your ART art.bin in the TFTP directory
  2. Set your computer network card to a static IP address of
  3. Excute following commands
tftp 0x80800000 art.bin
erase 0x9FFF0000 +0x10000
cp.b 0x80800000 0x9FFF0000 0xffff

Don’t worry, I did it first! I will try again today.

Hi Jichef,

can you give some hints how you have flashed the without desoldering the flash and with a raspberry?
Thanks in advance

Ey! Sorry, I couldn’t write you. I didn’t used a raspberry. I bought a chip programmer. and flashed a bin50029e61553e06cca53c441aec476f9e1d3f607d_2_375x500

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Ok, nice job man !

but stil you have problem about speed limits with 2.4Ghz ?

in repeater mode gl ar 300 goes under 10Mbs actually the internet connection is around 1000Mbs


Is this a: CH341A 24 25 Series EEPROM Flasher BIOS USB Programmer
You used?

Yes, the kit with the test clip. Not all sellers include it.

I have ordered one on EBAY, in the picture the clip is there I just have to wait until it arrives.
What software did you used to flash the chip?

I will try to get a backup of the now brocken chip first to see what I damaged :frowning:

I uploaded the one i use here:

Checked the last update, my two bricked ar300m are fully working now. Anyway, they can’t be on the same network because they have the same Mac. In addition, the can’t be controlled using the app glinet for mobile. Anyway, the important thing: they are working with speeds: 40-50 download and 90-95 for upload. In repeater mode (connected with a LAN; I mean, it take the signal and get the internet through the LAN). With the test wifi-wifi I am getting 16/10 speeds.

The MAC addr’s is in the ART partition, if I recall correctly…

Yes, but one of the two routers was corrupted and I cloned it. I dont know how to change it without flashing.

When clobbering the ART - not just losing the MAC addr, you also lost the RF cal for WiFi…

ART - Atheros Radio Test

Ok. I dont understand what you say, but it doesnt sound good. Anyway, it works better than in a box :joy::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: