AR300M NAND, Open WRT, how to access installed add ons


They are a How Too, for Open WRT, ar300m NAND, on which I can see one one sample:

  • how too access by self installed additional programms like:

  • Linux clone of Norton Commander like Midnight Commander

  • Webserver like Xamp, Apache or like this

I can see and install Programms like this on Open WRT. A after inustalling this programms, I dont find this programms on Webinterface from Open WRT, ar300m NAND


Sorry for those, we don’t support such webinterface.

How configure without webinterface ?
They are a Editor like Midnight Commander or like this on GLI Version of Open WRT ?
Or its possible to open a console on Web interface ?

Found Informations:
It`s looks like access to file system will be by SSH
SSH,, Port 22
User: root ?
Pass: unknown

It can be, SSH need to be activated on webinterface

SSH is activated already. You need to use root and your password to login.

You may need to install mc editor using opkg

Installing “Visual file Manager GNU Midnight Commander mc” are possible on Webinterface, menue “App Repro”. Thats the same like follow link:

The question are the same like for other installed programms: How to start a installed programm. In this sample, how to start the now installed mc?

You need to ssh to the router and use mc

Ok. Connecting GLI by SSH. And after than ?

How to start mc or other program on SSH console ? They are are special extension like .bat or .exe on Linux files ?
I need a sample. Thats not a joke.

SSH to the router as in this guide: SSH to the router - GL.iNet Docs

Then you will have the black window.

If you have not installed mc, install it now

opkg update
opkg install mc

You need to type mc in that window.

Ok. I will try today:

  • type mc on terminal window from ssh client, after installing mc.

That looks it mean:

  • dont need to know the path of mc
  • dont need to know or to type the extension of mc like mc.exe or mc.bat


you are correct exactly.

Thanks in advanced.

I hope it will be possible too, to start mc without SSH in future.
That to create, edit, remouve, delet and so on files without to need to look and install ssh client.


I wonder how you want to do that.

In Linux PC you have xwindows and terminal.

In the router there is no monitor and you have to use such program in certain user interfaces. Now it should be either SSH or web UI. But web UI is a separate tool and has nothing related to the program itself.