AR750 SD card slot used to share media?

When I insert a 128gb SD card, it does not recognize it to share media? What am I doing wrong? Or is this slot only for OS level flashing?

You can log into SSH and type dmesg and see if there is a message that /dev/sda is mounted.

which format has the SD Card? NTFS?

I didn’t have to do anything for mine. I have a 128GB SD card, and it pretty much worked just by inserting it – it shows-up under the “Share” section of the main GL web interface. By default, it is read-only unless you check the “Writable” checkbox, and it is only accessible via the LAN side, not the WAN side, unless manually enabled – are you trying to access it from the LAN side or WAN side? Also, for me, the card shows-up under the “Settings” section, under the devices subsection (the devices icon – the second icon from the bottom, above the “Firmware” icon), which allows you to view the contents of the device.

My card was initially exFAT, which worked, although I eventually installed packages to re-partition and re-format it as EXT4.

it doesn’t support plug and play. Pls reboot the router.

Did anyone find a solution for this? I have the same issue. I have tried formatting the sd card to be exfat, Fat32 and now ext4 and it’s not showing up at all.
Any help would be much appreciated.

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Can you ssh to the router and try go get the log and check if the card is mounted?

Try the following once you insert the SD card.


The AR-750 is very finicky out of the box. If you do not install any additional software it will not recognize many file systems.

I formatted my card 128GB card to be FAT32 instead of EXFAT and it works right away. I am having similar trouble with a USB stick as well and it looks like it can be solved by reformatting.

Which packages did you use to make ext4 partitions. Not working for me so far…

Also I have had problems accessing the sd card. After I switch the router control toggle to make writable in the web control, when I try to transfer a file onto the card on the network, the file utility says access denied. How do I check or change permissions or whatever is nessesary?

I installed e2fsprogs which provides mkfs.ext4

I ran

chown -R nobody:nogroup /mnt/*

Returned bunch of files with “operation not permitted.”

Now, it doesn’t seem to mount the USB stick anymore. Noticed that fstab is blank.

/etc/fstab is emtpy by default (except for a comment)

the sd card (and usb storage) is mounted via usb hot plug in:


the device has to be formatted with a supported filesystem:

if [ “$s” != ‘vfat’ -a “$s” != ‘ntfs’ -a “$s” != ‘ext2’ -a “$s” != “ext3” -a “$s” != “ext4” -a “$s” != "exfat
" ];then

Why do you think it is not mounted?

You can refer to this post. AR750s MicroSD troubleshooting - #3 by kincheng

The situation is not exactly the same, to see if it can help you.

I couldn’t insert a card in an operational AR750 and have it work. However, when I inserted the SD card and THEN powered the router, it worked fine. For me that is a fine work around.