AR750 with expressVPN

Hi i followed the OpenVPN process and am getting absolutely nowhere. I’ve tried both zipping the .ovpn file from the expressVPN manual config section with the related certificates and also just the .ovpn file with no joy. i’m entering the long character string for username and password provided in the expressVPN site.

i am only using the client, do i need to do anything with the server? when i do that and load up the client i get an error saying conflict with other running VPN processes.

dev tun
remote 1195

comp-lzo no
verify-x509-name Server name-prefix
ns-cert-type server
key-direction 1
route-method exe
route-delay 2
tun-mtu 1500
fragment 1300
mssfix 1200
verb 3
cipher AES-256-CBC
keysize 256
auth SHA512
sndbuf 524288
rcvbuf 524288

I use ar750 with expressvpn and no issue; just upload the files.ovpn then vpn password.

Did you have other VPN (openvpn, wireguard, ss, both client or server) activated?

If you do not have. Did you just upgrade from an old firmware?

If you go more settings->revert firmware and do a revert it will be OK.

excuse me for re-opening this… I’m also new to VPNs.
I am also trying to use ExpressVPN with a Slate.

Which version of the .ovpn file is used? Are the .ovpn files platform specific?

When I load the OSX .ovpn and add the user/password they upload fine,
but when I try to connect I get ‘command not recognised’ errors shown in the activation screen …
All help appreciated!

I’ve used general config of expressvpn.

Thanks for quick reply.

Have vpn working, but now Amazon Prime detects connection … will ask in another thread.

Search my replies on “netflix and vpn policies” thread…

A link may be just nice

Thanks - i couldnt get it working with express vpn or nord vpn but had success with mullvad.