AR750S - Is there a way to name Unknown Clients?

Have setup a AR750S-EXT, working fine except it cannot find names for the Client Devices, all are shown as Unknown in the client list. Is there any way in the GUI or Luci to set the names for each device IP address, all devices have static IP addresses so they will not change.

In Luci if you go to Network → DHCP and DNS, scroll down to Static Leases.

You can both reserve IPs for each device MAC as well as write any name you want for them :slight_smile:

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Thanks, much appreciated - new to these so it’s a learning curve but we’re getting there. Must admit the help & assistance on here is great, compared to forums from some other manufacturers and/or products. :grin:

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In Luci - Have Entered Hostname, MAC Address, IPv4 Address and left Lease Time, DUID & IPv6 Address blank. Hit Save & Apply - a pop up appears with the error message “Some fields are invalid, cannot save values!”

See this post. Think it’s what your trying to do :grin:

Hmmm, it works fine for me. Don’t add any spaces to the Name and see if it helps. You used the dropdown to select the MAC of the device, and “custom” to enter the IP right?

It was the spaces in the Hostname, all OK now so setting up all my devices. Many thanks for your assistance, have a great day !!

I also set static ip addresses for all of my devices, you can do this in Admin panel - More settings - LAN IP, I found everytime I powered on a device, like my amazon cube etc, it came back with a different ip address and was causing problems, once you’ve set all the addresses manually to all of your devices, you will have to reboot each of those devices, just switch them off then on again to take the new IP address, I then set the IP range to cover only the 13 devices I have so from 100 to 113, that means if someone does happen to get hold of my WPA key, theres no available IP addresses for them to connect, ive tried this out to be sure with a mates mobile phone, just another simple but effective level of security.

I have setup LAN IP Static details as per Seanie3080, and in Luci the DHCP & DNS as well as the Hostname tables as per Johnex

Still do not get any Client Names showing when I go to CLIENTS - only when I use DHCP to allocate an IP address does the name appear (tested a device with Static IP then DHCP allocated IP)

Advice would be gratefully accepted to show what I may be doing incorrectly.

Host names do appear for me but what I found was after setting everything up, I gave the router a reboot, then once it was up and running, I switched each device off by the mains for a couple of mins, after I powered them back on, about a min or 2 later the host name is set appeared for that device in the clients section.

That worked, just needed a router re-boot and devices now show up if they are connected.