AR750S-New Snapshot 4.2.x Firmware Available >Testing Here

New 4.x firmware for AR750S Slate.



Somewhat shocking that this is the first to get 4.2. Oh well! Guess I’ve got to see if I can find it and flash it back to stock!

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Hmm…I saw the ar750s firmware 4.2.0 beta 1 source code on github yesterday.
Well it appears as snapshot firmware 4.2.0 now. :slight_smile:

Ha, not just for ar750s, the firmware 4.2.x is now available for major devices as snapshot firmware now. :heart_eyes:

Maybe they’re populating in. Looks like everything except the Beryl’s have them (and I’d be surprised if the original Beryl gets it due to storage concerns).

I will be even more surprised if Brume is into firmware 4.x now. :smile:

On my AR750S testing with openwrt-ar750s-4.2.0-1219-1671403982 Snapshot firmware

ZT & TS connects ok for the moment. Haven’t tested Exit node yet in TS.

CPU is average 0,50-1.5.

I’m connected both 5Ghz (main wifi) and 2,4Ghz (guest wifi) because I monitor clients.
When Channel Analysis function in Luci,it disconnects wifi, but I think that’s normal.

I like that you can Edit Names of connected devices in UI, but even if they are in DHCP Luci static list names, it seems that 's not the right list for UI, so I have to edit again devices names.

In UI >Clients I think Sort by Connection must be added, to group devices in Guest / Wired / Etc consecutive list in the window.

Only one problem find when Update package lists:
Collected errors:

Spoiler alert: it doesn’t work.

In openwrt-ar750s-4.2.0-1221-1671576103 there is no Tailscale?

ok thanks that’s why it isn’t in the next snapshots, ok

there is an issue after update my AR750S with the last snapshot 4.2.0-1221-1671576103.
if your device is connected to the GL router via a 5G network, but an upstream router that shares WIFI in only 2.4G, in the repeater options > band selection >auto/5G/2.4G you must explicitly select the 2.4G band, otherwise, routers with 2.4G will not be found

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Yes there is a lot of issues with this 4.2 firmware, at least in a AR750S.

I had to erase br-guest interface and make it again to link devices as vlan and the guest wifis in it. No big trouble.

Cannot install luci-samba4 because a file is missing in repository, and glinet packages page doesn’t work as I said before.

But openwrt 22.03 is fine, new nice functions.

Also I have Tailscale in Windows and I had to uncheck Use Tailscale Subnets, in Preferences, because I couldnt log into AR750S when checked. Router IP May be some config in Tailscale I don’t know. Router without Tailscale enabled first and without Tailscale at all after. Same problem. Cannot log in.

I hope that the Glinet team made a good optimization and stability of firmware v4.x for AP750S,
I really love this device, especially for its tiny size, despite the fact that I have a more perfect his big brother AXT1800.
Tailscale is a very cool thing, the documentation of which I am currently studying. Thanks to @jdub for mentioning the tailscale in one of the topics about VPN.

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Tailscale may not work on this model because it is resource hungry and make the device hang.

It is very slow. But it does kind of work.

I didn’t try TS ExitNode or other functions available there.
Finally I revert to 3.216 firmware again. I need stability with internet and routers now… May be in next weeks I give another chance to see with more time and patience.

1 - luci-upnp package failed to install, but install, and upnp does not works.

2 - there’s no adguard home package for UI

This modem is not powerful enough to run adguardhome. So not installed by default.

@alzhao I disagree. I’ve been using adguard home for a while with no problem at 3.215 firmware

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If you use a long filter you will find it is hard for the router.

Just tested Adguard on 4.3.6 and it’s really awesome! Works better than in 3.216! Only issue is that there’s no information on main gl inet admin page (applications ->AG → stats), but it’s not big deal, adguard webpage works very well.

Speedtest in better than 3.x firmware too!

EDIT: Testing the last beta release2