Are you interested in Brume2 at this price?

GL-MT2500A Retail Price:89 USD
GL-MT2500 Retail Price:69 USD

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  • GL-MT2500A at 89 USD
  • GL-MT2500 at 69 USD

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Is the aluminum a bigger heatsink (cooler operating temperatures) then the plastic one?

Please release it on Amazon

Will release it on Amazon

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The temperature is under testing, no result yet. I believe the Aluminum version will have more efficient cooling but a heater surface. The plastic one will have a little cooler on your hand in touch because of the materials, but the operating temp will be higher than the Aluminum inner.


I’m interested in using such a device with the Open MPTCP Router variant of OpenWRT for link aggregation, allowing me to combine my Cable and Starlink connections - is that something that would be possible with this device if the author of openmptcp router made a port for this device?

Not sure whether Brume2 support MPTCP, but it looks like the Mult-WAN function in Brume 2 can help you.

Any result or experience with the difference in temperature between the standard plastic and aluminium?

Does the aluminium really get hotter? But is that better since the internal temperature is actually lower? Does anyone know this?

2nd post I am replying to about products @gladly

the Aluminium dissipates heat better then plastic, is much heavier and is sealed(no vents)

Thanks. So I wonder which is better for internal running temperature, aluminium case to dissipate heat from the inside, or vents.

Aluminium is better for internal temperature dissipating.