Are you interested in Brume2 at this price?

GL-MT2500A Retail Price:89 USD
GL-MT2500 Retail Price:69 USD

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  • GL-MT2500A at 89 USD
  • GL-MT2500 at 69 USD

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Is the aluminum a bigger heatsink (cooler operating temperatures) then the plastic one?

Please release it on Amazon

Will release it on Amazon

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The temperature is under testing, no result yet. I believe the Aluminum version will have more efficient cooling but a heater surface. The plastic one will have a little cooler on your hand in touch because of the materials, but the operating temp will be higher than the Aluminum inner.


I’m interested in using such a device with the Open MPTCP Router variant of OpenWRT for link aggregation, allowing me to combine my Cable and Starlink connections - is that something that would be possible with this device if the author of openmptcp router made a port for this device?

Not sure whether Brume2 support MPTCP, but it looks like the Mult-WAN function in Brume 2 can help you.