ARM300M can I split VPN?

I use VPN in this router. Is it possible to configure, to have some clients bypass VPN and use direct internet?

Some IP range or a seperate subnet or LAN port to use direct internet.

Appreciate inputs.

You can consider using VPN policies, here is guide VPN Policies - GL.iNet Docs

Thanks,it worked fine.

Other question - is there a way clear the offline dhcp client list from web page?

You cannot clear the offline dhcp client list from the web page, you need to ssh to the router,

Fiat stop this process “gltertf”

Then remove the following two files

And restart your the glterf process or reboot.

Thank you…

facing issue with VPN policies. I configured to bypass my TV (LAN), amazon fire stick (thru wifi) and laptop from VPN connection using MAC. Laptop works fine but TV and amazon complaints that i still use VPN and not working. I see they are getting a DNS IP as not sure if it is casusing the issue. can the router be configured to send DNS as for the systems should be bypassed from VPN

I use custom DNS IPs from VPN service provider and using ‘Override DNS Settings for All Clients’. I guess that setting is being applied to my clients who want to bypass VPN and still thinking they are using VPN. If I disable that setting my regular VPN users cannot use custom DNS.

Is there a way I can use 8…8.8.8 IP for non vpn users and custom DNS IPs for my VPN users?
if not from webpage, i hope it can be done from CLI.

appreciate any help…

thank you