AT&T with GL.iNet X750V2

I would like to use this device on the AT&T network. I initially activated the SIM card on my phone, and it worked for about 2 months. Then recently, I got this text and can no longer access the AT&T network with my x750v2. Here is the text:

Hi, it’s AT&T. Our network is being upgraded, and the cell phone you tried to activate will no longer work. We’re here to help you stay connected. Call 611 on this device or visit an AT&T store to learn more.

Has anyone else gotten this text/know of a way to get back on the network? I haven’t tried changing the IMEI, but I’m not sure that would even help. Looking for any advice/things to try.


Have you upgraded the firmware? Seems it is related at&t 3g shutdown.

In fimrware 3.211 we have fix. But seems AT&T network has more issues to deal with.
Pls check this firmware GL.iNet download center

I just upgraded to firmware 3.211 beta 2, but I am still having issues. I’m getting this error message:

“If card cannot be registered, please confirm whether a specific APN is required, or consult card service provider if there are any special restrictions.”

Any idea how to fix this? I have tried most of the AT&T APN’s in this list:

Can you elaborate on this? What issues?

I just mean, we thought we fixed the 3G problem, but new problem happens.

In my experience, when I put my SIM card in my X750V2, it gives me this error message and also stops working in all my other devices. I tried upgrading my firmware as recommended, but the same thing happened. I have to call AT&T to get my SIM card active in a different device again.

Is there anything else I can try?

If not I absolutely do not recommend this device for use with AT&T. My experience with this device on AT&T has been very negative overall.

It seems related to AT&T data plans. Some data plans seems has this problem.

I was able to get this working again and I wanted to report back here with my findings.

For a little more information, I am on the “AT&T Unlimited Elite” plan.

I called the AT&T support number and spoke to someone who seemed very knowledgeable. They told me that once AT&T flags an IMEI is a 3G-only device, it essentially automatically gets added to a blacklist and a “data-block” & “call-block” get put on the SIM card ICCID. This means the SIM card will not work even if you put it in a new device. The SIM card will maintain this block until you call support and have them remove it. There is no other way to get the block removed.

However, if the IMEI ever attempts to register to the network again (in this case the X750v2), the blocks get re-applied to the SIM card. This is true even after upgrading to the latest firmware, as it is tied to the blacklisted IMEI.

To fix this, I activated the SIM in my phone (by calling support and having the block removed), moved it to an old phone I have that I no longer use (Google Pixel 3), and let the Pixel register to the network. After that, I turned off the Pixel, turned on the X750v2, and changed the IMEI of the X750v2 to match the IMEI of the Pixel using the following AT command:

Once the X750v2 had the matching IMEI, I turned it off, put the SIM in the device and turned it back on. I also made sure to match the APN with the one in the Pixel, which was nxtgenphone.

I am under the impression that the original IMEI of my X750v2 will never again work on AT&T due to the blacklist.

I hope this helps someone else in a similar situation, although you will need the IMEI of an old unlocked phone that supports 4G LTE on AT&T to make this method work. Also, based on what I’ve read online, you probably don’t want your extra phone (Pixel in my case) to ever attempt to get back on the cell network since it can “confuse” the cell towers. I’m sure there’s a technical explanation, but I didn’t research it much further than that.

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