North American Carriers, ATT, Verizon, Cricket, T-Mobile Setup and Update 2021

This post is an update of Using GL.iNet 4G devices with North American carriers, especially in the USA.

If you have problems connect to your 4G network using GL.iNet 4G devices, please refer to Modem FAQ - GL.iNet Docs first.


T-Mobile should be the easiest to work with. Generally all GL.iNet 4G devices can work with T-Mobile SIM card without any problems. If you have problems, try to change the settings as in troubleshooting here Modem FAQ - GL.iNet Docs. If cannot solved, you’d better ask T-Moible if there is any special settings of your data plan and change accordingly.

A recent user reported that T-Mobile Mobile Hotspot plan does not work. When changed to a voice line with hotspot data it worked without problem.


Pls note this post AT&T (ATT) network fix is old and not necessary in 2021. It is related to a specific issue date back in 2019 and 2020.

We certified X750-V2 (IMEI started with 35) with AT&T. But you do not need to bother to asking AT&T customer service. They only support the device they sell in their store.

For other models e.g. XE300 or E750 it may not support AT&T. But most of the feedback from users are just these models works without problem.

Making 4G routers work with AT&T seems a mystery. Different data plans may behavior differently. Most importantly you should use the correct apn AT&T give you. Here is a list of APNs from AT&T for your reference only. Please consult AT&T about your correct APN.

If you are not sure, try use “phone”.

  • broadband: “broadband” is the default APN when an AT&T SIM is detected in 4G data-only devices.
  • nrbroadband: “nrbroadband” is the default APN when an AT&T 5G SIM (GID1 is 53FF) is detected in
    5G NSA data-only devices.
  • lwaactivate: “lwaactivate” is the default APN when an AT&T SIM is detected in devices that are prepaid or need to establish a data plan.
  • phone: “phone” is the multi-purpose APN for HSPA+ and LTE voice + data devices
    when an AT&T SIM is detected.
  • nxtgenphone: “nxtgenphone” is the multi-purpose APN for LTE CA or VoLTE enabled voice + data
    devices when an AT&T SIM is detected.
  • enhancedphone: “enhancedphone” is the multi-purpose APN for 5G NSA supported voice + data deviceswhen an AT&T 5G SIM (GID1 is ‘53FF’) is detected.
  • nrphone: “nrphone” is the multi-purpose APN/DNN for 5G Option 2 SA supported voice + data
    devices when an AT&T 5G SA SIM (GID1 is ‘52FF’) is detected.
  • hotspot: “hotspot” APN is for mobile hotspot and tethering when an AT&T SIM is detected.
  • nrhotspot: “nrhotspot” APN is for mobile hotspot and tethering when an AT&T 5G SA SIM
    (GID=”52FF”) is detected on a 5G Option 2 SA device.

A recent article suggest that AT&T has a problem for pre-paid data plans and this is fixed on May 26 2021.


Our devices are not certified with Verizon. But we got a lot of feedback that GL.iNet routers works with Verizon without problem. The key is that, you need to activate your SIM card first in another Verizon certified device, e.g. smartphone.

Verizon also seems to throttle your speed in some data plans for some reason.

Other carriers

Cricket: Cricket use AT&T network. We did make it work but for some reason they stop our SIM from time to time and we have to call customer service to reactive. This post suggest that using apn ndo can connect AT&T/Cricket 3G Shutdown - #7 by alzhao. Avoid this carrier.

Visible: Visible also runs on Verizon network. Here is a post that guys get it work GL-MiFi or MUDI with Visible - #15 by Razorline. But try avoid Visible.

Google Fi: We only have this post How to Use Google Fi on Spitz (GL-X750) 4G LTE Router? - GL.iNet, no other info.

Other carriers: For other carriers, you may check with their customer service directly. If you have experience please report here. Virtually carrier which aims to sell data plans should be very easy to work with.


A comprehensive troubleshooting and FAQ is here Modem FAQ - GL.iNet Docs

If you have problem e.g. SIM card not registered, or you get IP address but cannot route data, please try the following settings.

Using qcm protocol which should be faster.

Chose ttyUSB device, sometimes more compatible.

Ehy I’m on there. Iv stopped using visible. ATT on the mudi gives me the best service possible without a lot of hassle.

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