Attaching Hard Drives to GL-X750

Can I attach multiple hard drives (via a USB hub) to the X750 USB port. The goal is to create networked drives. If not, what would be the easiest way to achieve the same function?

Thank you.


It should technically be possible, but the transfer speed would be quite modest.

I suggest you install the “luci-app-samba” package so that you can use the LuCI GUI to manage multiple shared directories.

Thanks for replying. I will try that. I think a powered USB 3.0 hub should be pretty fast?

I believe the GL-X750 only has a USB 2.0 port.

In any case, that may not be the limiting factor because, with a micro-SD card, I got less than maximum USB 2.0 speeds on my GL-MV1000W. I’ll have to test a hard drive on the USB port.

It is possible. You should go to web panel->applications->File sharing and set up.

But X750 is not powerful enough to work as NAS

I tested a fast SSD drive on a USB 2.0 hub plugged into my GL-MV1000W. I connected my Windows 10 PC to a LAN port on the router via 1Gbps Ethernet, so as not to be limited by wifi speed.

I was able to get 20-25 Mbps transfers to/from the GL-MV1000W. However, for large files >=500MB, there were noticeable delays (longer delays for bigger files) before the transfer actually started going to the router.

USB seems to be faster than microSD. Overall, the GL-MV1000W is not too bad for occasional use and storage of small files <500MB (e.g., photos and music streaming over DLNA), but not really adequate as a NAS.

The transfer speeds may be higher or lower on a GL-X750.

Thank you for testing that! I will try as well. Was your USB hub powered?

I did not use a powered USB hub because the SSD drive draws little power. If you intend to have a spiinning disk drive and/or multiple devices, then I recommend you use a powered USB hub, but there will not be any speed difference.

If you are going to buy a hub, then you might as well get a powered USB 3.0 hub which will also work, but speed will be limited by the USB 2.0 port on the router.