Auto reconnect client VPN?

Sometimes the VPN connection drops out. On other routers, there’s often a “auto-reconnect” option.

Can I enable auto-reconnect on the Brume MV1000? So that if the VPN drops it will automatically reconnect?

Do you mean openvpn?

When it drops out, in the UI, do you have the error message?

For openvpn, the server can send signal to the client to ask it to terminate. In such case it will not reconnect.

If the client lost connection to the server because of Internet broken, it should be able to reconnect.

I’m using wireguard.

Hi ,Want to follow up in this thread: Currently using Mango2 and Beryl. They are constantly connected to a home VPN (Wireguard) (server is a raspberry Pi with PiVPN).

As they are online 24/7 sometimes server IP changes and connection hangs. Is there a setting in the UI to enable auto-connect ?

Wireguard conf file always shows the domain name, so if the server IP changes, domain name stays the same.


In firmware 3.x, if you use ddns for your vpn config, it does not update untile you disconnect and connect again.

This is fixed in firmware 4.x. Beryl has a 4.1 beta firmware. But it has some bugs. Pls wait a few days and we are fixing it.

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Will the Brume 1 GL-MV1000 get firmware v 4.x?

It is a yes. Pls wait.