Available Update ( 3.203 )

Hi, my MT300N-V2 Mango says there is an available update: Available Update ( 3.203 ), but I cannot download it and cannot find this version on the download centre.

Can someone please instruct me on what to do? Thanks a lot.

I believe you are seeing a similar dialogue box as seen in this post. What does it say next to Current Version i.e. the top line?

Edit: I think that version 3.203 has been pulled. So the Last Update is incorrect.

Hi JinOhChoi, I see the below:

Iā€™d suggest downloading 3.215 and doing a Local Upgrade. I have a feeling that 3.203 may have been pulled.

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Hopefully, it will work. Thank you.

No problems, after that 3.216 and then the current stable version 4.3.7.