Ax1800 Flint Bug Report

Hello there is a bug in the beta firmware I would like to report but I do not know where to formally report them to correct this major breaking bug within the plugins, where do report these bugs as I am testing the beta unstable version.

You can post in the forum directly.

If you do not want to talk publicly you can email to

Which thread is for reporting AX1800 4.0.0 beta bugs?
I have managed to upgrade with web admin panel without issues and I would like to share findings like in download center u-boot and web admin files are swapped and there are some shortcomings in gl-inet web panel and luci.

Just post in this thread.

OK then.

In Flint 4.0.0 rel.2 beta in Admin Panel MAC Clone, it is impossible to enter MAC manually. Only “Default”, “Clone” and “Random” are allowed. It was possible in ver. 3.xx to enter any MAC address manually.

Luci - Network - Switch has no option to enable VLAN. I had to enable VLAN in network file.

OK. I got it. I will file the bug internally.

I also have a bug with firmware versions v4.0.0_release2 / v4.0.0_release3 on my Flints.

If I connect a Flint in WDS Mode to a Flint in Router Mode, the Flint in WDS-Mode has no Internet connection at all. If I set him also in Router Mode he has an Internet Connection, with both on v3.214 it works using WDS-Mode and with only the WDS-Flint on v4.0.0_release2 / v4.0.0_release3 and the Router-Flint on v3.214 it also works.
With both on v4.0.0_release2 / v4.0.0_release3 it doesn’t work, and with the Router-Flint on v4.0.0_release2 / v4.0.0_release3 and the WDS-Flint on v3.214 it also doesn’t work.

If I connect a CONVEXA-B over Wi-Fi to a Flint, the CONVEXA-B loses its Wi-Fi connection after a few hours random. (In WDS-Mode as well as in Router-Mode and Extender Mode) And only reconnects after a restart, if the Flint is using v3.214 instead of v4.0.0_release2 / v4.0.0_release3 everything works without disconnects. The CONVEXA-B uses v3.212.

Can you confirm that both the two Flint use 4.x firmware?

WDS only works if you use the same wifi driver.

In the test, I did, with both Flints on v4.0.0_release3, the WDS-Flint had no internet connection.

Yes you are right. I tried and it is the same.

If you use firmware 3.x on the upstream router wds works.

There is a bug recorded internally on this.

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But is it the same problem as I have with my third flint and the CONVEXA-B?

I am not sure. So the problem is:

When repeating Flint with firmware 4.x using B1300, it is not stable, right?

If my Flint is my Router, with Firmware 4.x, and I connect my B1300 in WDS-Mode to it, to extend my Wi-Fi the B1300 disconnects after a few hours, and only reconnects after a restart. With the Flint on 3.x the connection is stable.

I hope it is the same problem. Let’s wait for WDS fix in firmware 4.x

Ok, that’s good, that there will soon be a fix for WDS problem, so you got the second also reproduced?

I didn’t try connecting B1300 to Flint though.

Is this now fixed or does the bug still exist?

Sorry, need to clarify again, connect AX1800 as WDS client to B1300 or
Connect B1300 as WDS client to AX1800?

B1300 as WDS client to AX1800, which disconnects after a few hours.
And AX1800 as WDS client to AX1800, which doesn’t connect at all.
At least these were the problems I had three months ago, I didn’t test v4 since this again.

Can you test AX1800 firmware v4.1?