AXT1800 v4.5.0 - AdGuard Home v0.107.43.. problem

Hi, I updated my AXT1800 to 4.5.0 today. Previously I had AdGuard v0.107.43 installed. After the update to 4.5.0 AdGuard does not start up. When I activate the AdGuard application I get no DNS resolution and AdGuard’s setting page is no longer accessible. Any ideas hoe I can get AdGuard to work again? Thanks

Did you install the AdGuard update by yourself?

In that case, the easiest and most time-saving way is to just reset the router without keeping the settings.

Yes, I did the AdGuard install myself. Thanks, will try a reset without keeping the settings.

After that you can update AdGuard again, using this way:

Thx, will give it a try

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Hi, did the reset, back to normal… AdGuard is now on 0.107.26. Any point in upgrading to the latest version?

Yup, see 2 answers before this one.